Peoples Of All Nations

Learning his craft at the eponymous British design house Vivienne Westwood, Georg Weissacher stepped out into the world of fashion showcasing his own luxury menswear label POAN (Peoples Of All Nations).

George calls the POAN man, ‘The Modern Renaissance Man’: a man of the future with great admiration and awareness of his past. He is educated and cultured, kind and fun and that makes him already one of a kind. Peoples Of All Nations brand name came from Georg’s idea of what London, the birthplace of POAN is to him: harmony through diversity. Georg believes that differences are beautiful when they are looked upon without fear and with understanding.

For the POAN s/s18 collection, Georg drew inspiration from a book called The Phenomenon of Man written by the French scientist and Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, which he took home from a monastery library when he was 19. Fascinated by it then, it came back to him now, finding it incredibly relevant for where fashion is now.

Just over a year old, Georg has developed the garments with innovative weavers and knitters in Italy for what he believes is the very best in forward-thinking tailoring, spending time meeting all in the supply chain to build a friendly and sustainable working environment.


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Peoples of all Nations have been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability. 

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Georg has created a brand that encompasses multiculturalism, aesthetics and education. He believes that multiculturalism works wonderfully in today’s metropolitan cities, including London, where people from very different walks of life, very different backgrounds, from very different diverse cultures come together. Nothing preserves diversity better than mutual recognition and the natural curiosity that comes with it.

He believes that fashion can be very unsustainable. Georg has strong relationships with the suppliers and craftsmen he works with, believing that teamwork is the way forward for sustainability. POAN is a small company, naturally not producing fast numbers. Sustainability and good fashion always come down to what ingredients are used.

Georg believes that now everyone is so much more aware of what they wear, what they put into their fridge. The same effort needs to be done with how your clothes are made. Georg has seen people are asking questions, becoming aware of it more than in the past.


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