Krug has always lived up to its reputation as an outstanding Champagne
house, the first one and still unique in creating only Prestige Champagne.

The story of the House of Krug illustrates the amazing adventure of its founder, Joseph Krug, a visionary non-conformist with an uncompromising philosophy. Having understood that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, his dream was to offer the very best Champagne every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate. Paying close attention to the vineyard’s character, respecting the individuality of each plot and its wine, as well as building an extensive library of reserve wines from many different years allowed Joseph Krug to fulfill his dream. With a very original approach to Champagne making, he decided to go beyond the notion of vintage to create the fullest expression of champagne every year. Thus, he founded a House in which all champagnes are of the same level of distinction, each illustrating a particular expression of Nature. Since 1843, six generations of the Krug family have perpetuated this dream, enriching the founder’s vision and savoir faire.



Krug has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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Krug’s obsessive approach to detail is the key characteristic of its savoir faire which is based upon three founding principles: the careful selection of every plot and the following of its individual wine; mastering the art of blending in the creation of champagnes by Krug’s Cellar Master Eric Lebel alongside the Tasting Committee; and the essential respect of time.


The House of Krug’s tradition of tracking each unique plot as an individual. Our philosophy is to select grapes from individual plots, each of which expresses its distinctive, nuanced and unique features. There is no hierarchy in our selection, no one plot is favoured over another – a plot may sometimes be smaller than a garden. “What interests us is the character. At Krug, we are fully committed to our founding principle of quality, of not blending what we do not know. Therefore we capture the essence of each unique plot as an individual wine and respect its individuality as the blending decisions are made.” – Eric Lebel, Krug Cellar Master


The only house that takes the art of blending to its highest level every single year. Already at the beginning of the harvest, Eric Lebel is thinking about that year’s gifts of nature. Six months later, he faces some 250 wines of the year as well as around 150 others from Krug’s library of reserve wines in order to compose the fullest expression of Champagne and the reason of existence of the House: Krug Grande Cuvee.


Since early 2012, the Krug ID – six digits printed on the back label of every bottle of Krug Champagne – reveals each bottle’s unique story. A rich and interactive Krug application ( allows Krug Lovers to directly scan the Krug ID, giving immediate access to its unique content: from harvest challenges of the year revealed by Eric Lebel to latest ratings from experts, food and music inspiration proposed by renown artists to pair with each Champagne, as well as recommendations for optimum storage and serving for Krug Champagnes. As the first number of the Krug ID refers to the quarter in which the bottle received its cork and the following two indicate the year, it also serves as a simple reference with which to build a collection of different bottles of Krug Champagne to keep and enjoy in the future.

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