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Courbet is a jewellery brand whose mission is to offer the next generation of modern and ethical, sustainable and creative jewellery. A jewellery brand that respects the long-held Place Vendôme traditions, combined with the use of audacious ecological materials made possible because of new technologies.

Founded in 2018, Courbet was born with the view to embrace the use of laboratory-created diamonds and recycled gold. Courbet is based in Paris, at the iconic Place Vendôme where all their pieces are designed. The Courbet name was inspired by Place Vendôme itself. Marie-Ann Wachtmeister and Manuel Mallen, co-founders, desired an artistic connotation and selected Courbet, the French rebel painter of nature and women, world-famous for his painting L’Origine du Monde.

Fluid lines, strong statements of modern luxury, elongated and sparkling, the collections revolve around themes of the universe and the planets that are dear to the brand. They are all created by its chief designer Marie-Ann Wachtmeister. Courbet is very selective in its process of choosing who to work with. Currently, their jewellery is made in Paris, Lyon and Milan working with skilled partners to craft their pieces, Courbet is committed to producing in Europe.

Courbet is disruptive in its approach to luxury jewellery; its team has shaken up the strong codes of the jewellery industry to the core by the sourcing of its sacred raw materials. The diamonds are created in a laboratory in conditions that recreate the same forces as those from the depths of the Earth. The brand is committed to their community and making the right decisions, whether it’s about being transparent on their recycled and traceable gold or the many philanthropic actions they are undertaking, Courbet uses its savoir-faire to create meaningful luxury jewellery.



COURBET has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Courbet has had conscious design embedded from the beginning. Courbet’s diamonds are inherently conflict free. They use laboratory created diamonds that hold the same optical, physical and chemical properties to traditional mined diamonds. Courbet uses only recycled gold, mostly coming from industrial waste and electronic devices.

Courbet is committed to Sustainable Development Goal: Responsible Consumption & Production. ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns through its manufacturing methods which also help to protect the natural environment and prevent harmful deforestation. Courbet trace more than 60% of raw materials and have in place sourcing policies, which incorporate traceability of raw materials down to the product level.


Courbet has created a collection of bracelets called “Let’s Commit”.In this collection the clients can choose to support a cause through one of the 12 bracelets. Courbet will donate 15% of the price of the sale of this bracelet to the association chosen by the client. Over the past two years, “Let’s Commit” has raised €15,000 across the different causes. Courbet also encourages its staff to get involved and volunteer in the local community.

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Courbet’s packaging is made from recycled leather. They source their packaging from France to lighten their footprint.

They use recycled cardboard that is dyed with plant-based colours and water-based glue. Courbet does not use any single-use plastics.


To start their journey to becoming circular, Courbet offers a repair service alongside a take-back scheme and re-design programme for clients.

Through corporate policies, Courbet promotes fair labour and equal pay in their business.

Always endeavouring to be as responsible as possible, Courbet ensures that throughout their offices and showrooms, they source ethical and recycled materials, use glass over plastic and organise their waste for recycling.

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