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The future of sustainable travel | ABTA Magazine

Before Covid-19, sourcing commendable sustainable tourism products for clients had never been so easy. Here we take a look at a few countries’ sustainable tourism highlights, writes Karl Cushing. A report by ABTA, published in February, found that sustainable travel concerns are playing an increasing role in booking behaviour.

The Impact of Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG) Issues On Companies Today

As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) morphs into Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for many companies, there is growing evidence that ESG policies and practices have a positive impact on a company’s financial performance and long-term business strategy as well as the attraction and retention of diverse talent.

Building more sustainable businesses in a post-COVID world

Over recent months the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that as humans we are all connected. There are also parallels with the climate emergency we are facing: both require a global response, long-term thinking, and businesses to play their part.

What Is the Right Price for Fashion?

Fabric, pattern-making, sampling, trims, sewing, handwork, packaging, duties, shipping: This is an incomplete list of what you’re paying for when you buy a new T-shirt. And that’s before a wholesale markup (i.e., the profit a brand makes on the item) or the additional retail markup if you’re buying it in a store.


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