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Lalela Scarf

Apparel with purpose–this is the raison d’être behind Lalela Scarf, an international luxury fashion brand that exclusively supports Lalela, a non-profit arts education programme for at-risk youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The gorgeous designs that give The Lalela Scarf such vibrant appeal have been created using Lalela learners’ original artworks. It is a sustainable cycle of life-changing art.

Andrea Kerzner founded Lalela in 2010 to “provide educational arts to at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit.” The organisation teaches children how to map and manifest their dreams and goals, launching the possibility of a different future for themselves and their communities. From grade one to grade 12, Lalela connects arts to everything important in a child’s life, from core academics to critical life skills. Today, Lalela provides arts education to almost 5,000 students across Africa.
Lalela Scarf was first conceived as a means of funding Lalela but has grown into a stand-alone luxury brand in its own right. Each of the Lalela Scarf products features a piece of artwork created by one of the Lalela learners and a large percentage of their profits go back to funding the organisation.
The Lalela Scarf’s mission is wow-factor shopping with responsible cultural and environmental impact. Lalela Scarf provides the necessary funding for Lalela to achieve its most important mission, to create permanent change with positive outlooks, community role models and the mindset for Lalela students to design a more certain future for themselves and their communities.



Lalela Scarf has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Everything Lalela Scarves does is to serve the communities in which they work, especially the children they educate. The have several goals they hope to achieve, including ending poverty and hunger, ensuring the health of the community members, promoting lifelong learning regardless of gender, and maintaining sustainable economic growth. Lalela, which is an NGO, helps keep at-risk youth off the streets through their arts programmes, during those hours after school during which they’re at their most vulnerable. The art they create during that time is what they use to decorate the scarves, and all of the proceeds go back to the programmes.
Lalela has several initiatives, including the Conscious Kids Club, another after school program that teaches children about sustainability and protecting the environment. They’re also launching an initiative to help boost the local economy in a township called Houtbay, and they’re working to make it a tourist destination to support the people who live there. Lalela support many charities, too, including Kylemore, a small group of crafters who they outsource some of their sewing to.


Lalea is working towards using less water in their production, and they work with suppliers to safely dispose of waste. They are taking steps to reduce their own waste, have cut back from four deliveries a year to two and use eco-friendly vehicles to make those deliveries, and they’ve moved their offices closer to their clients.
Because Lalela is a small business and fills small orders, there isn’t a lot of waste produced through making their scarves. But when there is, any fabric scraps are cut into pocket squares, bandanas or luggage tags, bringing them closer to their zero-waste goals.




No PVC is used in any of Lalela Scarves’ designs, while recycled and reclaimed textiles are relied upon. They are also angora and fur-free, and the wool they use is Woolmark Certified. The cotton used in their scarves is certified organic by their suppliers, and they are exploring working with Carvico to source more sustainable fabrics, like repurposing fishing nets to make their bags. Lalea Scarves does not use plastics in any of their packaging, as well.


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