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What role has certification played within your company’s sustainability journey?

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What role has certification played within your company’s sustainability journey?

The Butterfly Mark is the luxury industry’s most prestigious certification, highlighting brands that are committed to having a positive impact on the environment and society. It provides confidence that a business is operating in line with international standards and best practices, whilst remaining innovative and striving to go beyond the ‘normal’ industry standards.

To coincide with the launch of Positive Luxury’s upgraded certification process, we asked our brand community to share the impact that the certification process – and the award of the coveted Butterfly Mark – has had on their sustainability journey.

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Modern consumers want to see value in the products they buy. Being certified helped us to demonstrate our commitment to good environmental, social and ethical practices. Being certified simply helps the customer to recognise when a company has truly incorporated sustainability into their core practices or is simply “greenwashing”? Being certified is not a one-time thing. The dialogue and the continuous exchange with other sustainable and purpose driven brands makes us improve for even better practices and keeps that topic on top of our mindset.

Tessa Gerlach, Co-Founder of Elephant Gin

At The Macallan, we hold our operations accountable to the highest independent standards. For over 20 years our distillery operations have been accredited with ISO14001 Environmental Management certification, the most rigorous and globally recognised certification for environmental management. Through this independent assessment framework, we consider all environmental aspects and everything that we interact with, from water use to waste generation, energy consumption, land and habitat management. And, of course, in 2020 we were absolutely delighted to be awarded our Butterfly Mark accreditation – a symbol of verified assurance for consumers worldwide.

Elizabeth McMillan, Global Marketing Manager at The Macallan

Many companies declare that they are sustainable, but only a few back up their sustainability claims. As a new brand, we wanted to guarantee full transparency. Certification was an obvious and crucial step to grow our business and to build trust with consumers. 

Alessandro Vergano, Founder and CEO of KAMPOS

The Daniella Draper sustainability journey started 12 years ago when the brand was born and we instilled our family values into the business. Butterfly Mark certification has helped us to formalise our ethical and sustainability stance, given us a platform for continuous improvement and has given us the ability to show the world what we are doing as a brand to support the sustainability of our planet. We are very proud of our brand and very proud of our Butterfly mark certification.

The Team at Daniella Draper 

Certification for Positive Luxury is something that we needed to be ready for as a business, feeling confident that our values were totally aligned to our business objectives. Now that we have the certification I am incredibly confident that it goes a long way to both validate how far we have come as a brand, but also how important these areas of certification are in a world of very mixed messaging in a consumer-led society. Brands need to set the status high on sustainability yet maintaining true definition in the luxury market. 

 Susie Willis, Founder Romilly Wilde

For Balance Holidays, certification has established an amenable framework to our daily operations and planning. Creating far greater efficiency in helping us choose and focus on a select number of suppliers and partners — as well as being a continued reminder of our purpose and shared vision of the future. 

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, Founder Balance Holidays 

Certification is inherent AERA’s sustainability journey as we believe it is the only way to objectively validate our mission. We launched the brand in partnership with SCS Global Services, a leading third-party certification agency which helped us to prepare a LCA and guided us with specific offset strategies to make our business model “110% sustainable” — meaning we give back more than we take from the environment. We are certified carbon negative and also are freshwater-use negative through SCS. After that, the next important step for us was to obtain the Butterfly Mark through Positive Luxury. And, lastly, we are awaiting our B Corp status which is currently in the works.

Tina Bhojwani, Co-Founder & CEO of AERA

Becoming a Positive Luxury member and being awarded the Butterfly Mark certification has prompted us to take a step back and really look at how we operate. It has not only been an invaluable tool to help identify areas where we can make positive changes, it has brought people from all areas of the business together with a shared commitment to consider our impact on society and the environment.

The Team at Smythson

As one of the first brands to be awarded the Butterfly Mark, it was a proud moment for our brand not only to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability, but to also be part of a global movement to help bring about change. This certification helps convey our dedication in a clear focused way.

Lisa Franklin, Skincare expert & facialist

Certifications have remained an integral part of the BAV TAiLOR conscious 360° manifesto. Since the brand’s inception in 2013, sourcing certified suppliers and B Corp partners has allowed us to become globally recognised as a respected and authentic conscious company with industry leaders and our faithful community of clients. Receiving the Butterfly Mark was a very auspicious moment for us as it allowed us to evolve further along our mindful journey.

Bav Tailor, Founder of BAV TAiLOR

Albiva has been awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition of being a responsible brand that minimises our environmental footprint while maximising our social good. Our aim is to inspire and motivate people to make responsible choices about the products they buy. The Butterfly Mark is a guarantee for customers that a brand is committed to social and environmental sustainability and we are honoured to be part of an exclusive group of luxury brands that care about our world and future generations.

Ivana Iesini, Founder of ALBIVA

At Garrard, we are proud to be recognised as a business that incorporates sustainability in everything we do. We have been able to both communicate and build on the ways in which we drive sustainability agendas across departments, creating substantial and meaningful change. The Butterfly Mark also reinforces to our clients and peers that Garrard is and will always be a brand to trust. While a valued and formal recognition and reassurance to our clients is important, the real value is that to achieve and maintain that certification instills a never-ending focus on sustainability for our business and ensures it is at the heart of everything we do.

The Team at Garrard

Read more about our upgraded certification process here, or for more information please contact us


Written by - Jamie Moore

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