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Bav Tailor

Bav Tailor is a sustainable luxury clothing brand designed for the ethically aware generation. It’s a wellness project that remains a collective fusion of the finest certified natural or recycled materials. The focus is pure, geometrical silhouettes and effortless volume inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies that represent true hallmarks of authentic 100% Made in Italy through a ‘360° sustainability manifesto.’ The brand mantra is ‘respect your body + your sphere.’

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav Tailor is the Founder and Conscious Creative of her brand launched in 2015, which upholds the tradition of her ancestors and Grandfathers, great sartorialists, sourcing materials from suppliers that encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards.

Bav Tailor, also a member of Common Objective and Green Fashion Week, has been awarded with the Conscious Designer award by the Arab Fashion Council and nominated Vogue Talent finalist of Who Is On Next 2019? scouting project promoted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia with whom she showcased during the ‘Vogue Talents 10 Anniversary’ exhibition.

Bav Tailor’s DNA is built on her precious research of sustainable materials from 100% recycled fish skin from post-waste materials. That production process also makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy, a technical bio-based material created from caster beans, to an innovative new material created from natural Elephant Ear leaves that derive from renewable origins. The leaves collected in sustainable areas are a vegan and eco-friendly material with characteristics similar to leather which allow the skin to breath, hence consolidating the brand’s commitment to protecting the planet.

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Bav Tailor have been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability. 

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Impact and Commitment

Impact and Commitment

Diversity and inclusion

Bav Tailor ensures that each worker is treated equally and has a clear code of conduct that promotes equality and multiculturalism. The brand is committed to several UN Sustainable Development Goals including Goal 5, which is a commitment to non-discrimination and gender equality through the brand’s culture, and Goal 10, where Bav Tailor communicates diversity through the promotion of genderless clothing and multicultural models. The brand also handles a wellness project through energy healing colours, anti-allergic materials, and brand communication.

circular economy and supply chain integrity

The brand has a transparent supply chain and a project manifesting towards a circular economy. Bav Tailor also used recycled textiles as part of a more circular economy while agreeing to the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) Recycled 100 and Recycled Blended. Bav Tailor will also be implementing a recycling clothing initiative where all Bav Tailors’ clothes that are returned, would be used in creating new pieces. Suppliers of the brand also adhere to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification; they are also carefully selected according to Fair Trade Certifications.


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responsible designs and responsibly sourced materials 

Each design from Bav Tailor is 100% digitally designed and waste is kept to a minimum during sampling and production. The brand uses luxury Italian and international fair-trade materials that are certified natural fibres or recycled as well as endeavouring to not harm humans or animals for any creation. 80% of the brands’ fabric are sourced in Italy and the production is 100% Made in Italy. This supports local communities, which also allows the brand to minimise their carbon footprint.

recycled packing and no harsh chemicals or single-use plastic

Bav Tailor does not use products and packaging of single-use plastic. All products, as well as packaging, are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. The brand does not use any PVC in their products. Bav Tailor only uses leather for its small accessories which is all certified regenerated leather from a sustainably certified manufacturer who uses non-toxic substances and water-based tanning processes. All of Bav Tailor’s packaging is kept to a minimum and recycled. The paper cards used in the packaging are from certified sources such as FSC, PEFC.

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