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ALBIVA creates innovative skincare products that deliver plant-based nutrients to activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. These next-generation products are results-driven and have been designed using the latest technology without compromising the quality or purity of the natural ingredients.

When Ivana Iesini was 28, she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour and had extensive back surgery. Through her recovery, she realised that conventional medicine was making her feel worse, and she turned to more natural solutions. She embraced organic ingredients and started to harness the power of nature the way her herbalist grandmother, Albina, did.

That experience and the way Ivana’s grandmother approached medical problems, like treating burns with lily flowers and rinsing her hair with a nettle infusion, inspired the creation of ALBIVA.

Interested in science from a young age, Ivana studied biomedical sciences to better understand how bodies work. That lead to a career in analysing and trading essential oils. This combined with her determination to regain wellness after her surgery helped her realise that being healthy is so much more than a trend – it’s a lifestyle. Ivana’s belief in the body’s self-healing ability inspired the creation of ALBIVA.

ALBIVA harnesses the regenerative power of nature using advanced technologies such as gemmotherapy. An advanced branch of phytotherapy which isolates the active ingredients from the embryonic tissues of plants – the part that contains their most potent healing properties. Botanical extracts encapsulated into liposomes, bio-fermentation, bio-enzymatic processing, cold processing technology are just some examples of the brand utilising science to deliver products that go beyond just the skin’s surface.

Each product has high concentrations of its active ingredients so they can offer maximum efficacy. The formulations are nutrient-rich and free from synthetic compounds and fillers, including plain water. The botanical extracts are blended in antioxidant-rich raspberry water instead.

Lead by science and guided by visible results, ALBIVA creates advanced products that contribute to the overall wellness of the whole body, using high quality natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources.



ALBIVA has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

Want to learn more? Click on the interactive Butterfly Mark on your left and scroll through each Positive Action to read a short description of the brand’s efforts and achievements as verified by Positive Luxury. You will also be able to find the interactive Butterfly Mark online on the brand’s website, retailer and partner sites.

Impact and Commitment



ALBIVA donates £1 from the sale of every product to charity. To be as transparent as possible, the company has set the £ amount, rather than a percentage of the profits.


ALBIVA is committed to creating a positive environment for their employees, providing unconscious bias training and implementing several codes of conduct, including ethics, equal opportunities and diversity, and health and safety. All staff members are considered equal, and the company aims to create a working environment that is free from discrimination. They require their suppliers to have those same policies in place, asking them to provide their ethical policy statements and visiting them regularly.
When working with models, ALBIVA has a policy in place to protect their wellbeing. They also have a gender-equal pay policy, and reviews pay conditions across the company on an annual basis. ALBIVA has published a slavery and human trafficking statement in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.


ALBIVA has systems in place to manage, monitor and reduce their water consumption, and they have set targets to further minimise their water usage. None of their products are formulated with water, an outstanding fact because the average skincare product is made with 85% to 95% water. Instead, ALBIVA uses certified organic raspberry water. When it comes to educating the consumer on water usage, the brand encourages customers to use their only rinse-off product while in the shower.

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ALBIVA is working with their suppliers to eliminate hazardous substances from their supply chain, and they maintain a restricted substance use list that complies with the EU REACH Candidate List of chemicals that meet the criteria for Substances of Very High Concern. All of their products are free from propylene glycol and microbeads. ALBIVA promotes the use of fairtrade, biodynamic, and organic ingredients.


ALBIVA tracks the amount of single use plastic in their packaging, and none of their products contain any single use plastic or solid microplastics. Their target for their next production cycle is to replace their current cleanser and toner bottles with bottles made from recycled materials. Their packaging is currently 100% recyclable, and all of their marketing materials are made of recycled, FSC-certified materials.


ALBIVA is committed to sustainably using marine resources for sustainable development, and protecting, restoring and promoting the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. They are also committed to combating deforestation, reversing land degradation and stopping the loss of biodiversity. Their wooden packaging comes from PEFC-certified wood that supports small forest owners.

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