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How do you plan to reduce damage to biodiversity over the next 5 years?

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How do you plan to reduce damage to biodiversity over the next 5 years?

Biodiversity is now central to any holistic sustainability strategy. This October, Positive Luxury publishes Understanding Biodiversity, a new report that demystifies the topic of biodiversity and offers key actions for luxury business leaders. To help inspire other luxury businesses, we asked our Butterfly Mark brands about their efforts to build a better future in harmony with nature, and how they plan to reduce damage to biodiversity over the next five years.


“From the beginning we have taken steps to use materials that have as little of an impact on the environment as possible. This is precisely why we work with a select pool of suppliers and a small number of hand-picked factories that comply with the European Union’s REACH regulation. In addition, to reduce environmental pollution, we use packaging that is fully compostable and have a zero plastic bag policy.”

Monica Magdas Miller, CEO and Founder, Santicler


Romilly Wilde plans to work alongside our suppliers to really evaluate and understand the culture within the business and see where we can share common goals. It is useless if we all work in isolation, but can learn and grow efforts if we understand how other practices can positively influence any progress. This conversation starts with our packaging suppliers who are often the hardest to persuade to adopt sustainable practices across all areas. There are so many layers to being ‘awake to change’ and having a Biodiversity agenda is multi-faceted.

Susie Willis, CEO and Founder, Romilly Wilde


“Caring for Mother Nature, preserving its beauty and protecting its gifts are regarded as much as a guest’s individual wellbeing needs on a Balance Holidays-designed program. From choosing partner properties with rigour, based on their sustainability principles and agenda, to only using fresh ingredients sourced from native soils in the kitchens to ensure zero-kilometre meals. For the next five years, Balance Holidays will continue persisting forward with these elements, while simultaneously exploring, innovating and learning new working means to ease the damage on biodiversity together as a community.”

Balance Holidays


Our five-year biodiversity strategy is focused on habitat creation and connectivity. For every order, we plant two mangrove trees. Mangrove forests are one of the planet’s most important ecosystems, providing biodiversity-rich nurseries for the world’s sea life. Closer to home, we work with local communities and partners to transform areas into close-proximity wildlife hotspots, planting gardens, raising awareness and creating homes for bees. We are investing in finding the lowest possible impact bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides.

John Hackett, CEO, Arena Flowers


“Respect, gratitude, and love for nature have been part of Inlight’s mission statement from day one. One of our goals was –  and still is – not to damage biodiversity, but to help it thrive within our business and personal lives. Choosing to be 100% certified organic is in itself a commitment to biodiversity. We are proud sponsors of Wildlife Trust and contribute to the upkeep of local bee colonies. We’ll remain anchored to our mission, working in harmony with nature and supporting fellow businesses who help safeguard it.”

Inlight Beauty


“To ensure a sustainable future, it is essential to protect and preserve our marine ecosystems. We are currently exploring opportunities to support initiatives that help restore coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Coral reefs are vital habitats for thousands of species of fish, invertebrates, and mammals. Without them, many marine animals would not be able to survive, and this would have devastating effects on the ocean ecosystem and our planet.”

Alessandro Vergano, Founder and CEO of KAMPOS


We are already using more and more ingredients on our products that are eco-designed to avoid intensive cropping and biodiversity endangering. As an example, we are using Plant Cell Culture (PCC) derived ingredients which allows us to have a plant extract with a drastically reduced water consumption, without the use of pesticides and a negligible soil occupancy. Moreover, this eco-designed extraction method gives us access to rare, endangered, and slow-growing plants without endangering biodiversity.

Mar Arasa, R&D Director, Sepai Laboratories


“Sustainability has always been important to Iles Formula, providing our customers with a performance that makes them fall in love with their hair from the very first use. This is achieved by putting biodiversity protection at the centre. From planting trees every month in the Amazon to an ambitious sustainability program spanning from suppliers to customers. As a part of the program, we are pioneering the move to biodegradable packaging, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030.”

Wendy Iles, Founder, Iles Formula


“Godavari Diamonds incorporates sustainable processes into every aspect of its business practices from the very outset. Godavari doesn’t stop there, we ensure all supplies are sourced from entities that also commit to sustainable environmental practices. Godavari has proactively supported local projects that are planting native plants and trapping pests to enhance the habitat for native birds and flora to flourish. At Godavari Diamonds we intend to continue to seek out and support such opportunities.”

Jane Bell, Founder,  Godavari Diamonds


BAV TAiLOR continues to source new bio-based materials to incorporate into the collections. Our minimal packaging policy incorporates bio-based materials to ensure they remain benign when returned to earth. In addition, the brand endeavours to support non-profit foundations to protect underwater life, replenish trees in much-needed locations around the globe, whilst making positive steps towards inspiring conscious living through launching joint collaboration initiatives which incentivise clients to make greener choices – and adopt sustainable behaviours in their everyday living.

Bav Tailor, Founder, BAV TAiLOR  


“Biodiversity has always been a key concern for us as a brand. We are part of an initiative to plant more trees where they’re most needed globally. This is a key part of our strategy to offset the paper/card we use in our products. We also use many biotech ingredients in our products which are far more sustainable with a low carbon footprint.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder, Lisa Franklin


Written by - Jamie Moore

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