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Inlight Beauty

Pioneer of the organic beauty movement in Britain, Inlight Beauty brings beauty to life through healthy and radiant skin. Fusing nature’s alchemy, modern science and green chemistry, the artisanal production ensures high care and quality at every step to produce skincare that work not only on the skin but with it. 100% organic certified, the performing, water-less and highly nourishing beauty collections promise transformational experience into sustainable luxury beauty.

Doctor of medicine, medical herbalist and leading authority on 100% organic skin care formulations, Dr. Mariano Spiezia brings a lifetime of research to Inlight Beauty with his oil-based, water-free formulas.

Dr. Spiezia has developed the Bio-lipophilic Matrix® combining orthodox medicine, ancient alchemy and the extraordinary properties of plants to deliver the purest, most natural nutrients in a form the skin instantly recognises and absorbs. The Matrix is a blend of the purest, raw, organic oils selected for their high bio-chemical affinity to the skin’s own lipidic layer. Prior to production, they are energised through bespoke techniques to heighten the oils’ vital force. At the core of all Inlight Beauty products, this Matrix works with the skin to support its own physiological processes.

Inlight Beauty products aim to align our body’s vibrations with those in nature, helping the skin to retune itself to the primordial essence of health, beauty and harmony. The brand advocates slow beauty. Each in-house herbal infusion – exposed to the sun and moon light – takes up to six weeks to produce. Once the oils have been fully imbued with herbal and floral properties, they are pressed and filtered to leave a pure oil mix to which essential oils and beeswax are added. At Inlight Beauty raw materials are worked as little as possible to maintain their natural integrity and vital force.



Inlight Beauty has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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The brand meticulously sources and blends specially selected, 100% organic certified ingredients (unhindered by fertilisers, pesticides and GM contamination), chosen for their natural therapeutic and nourishing properties. Inlight Beauty is the first British skincare company to have received the Soil Association/Cosmos Organic certification, a standard recognised globally by the cosmetics industry for organic and natural cosmetic products.

The skincare range is 100% organic – a rare find in the beauty industry -, cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians, most products also for vegans. Inlight Beauty only uses oil-based formulas, meaning no chemical preservatives are required. All the bioactive plant extracts are produced in-house in Cornwall, UK.


All packaging materials are made from recycled/recyclable/FSC accredited card, printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Inlight Beauty checks that all materials delivered by suppliers to the lab are in recyclable containers and use MIRON Violet glass for their inner packaging as it protects both quality and vitality of the products for longer.



Herbs are repurposed as compost on site. Waste production oils, solid and liquid, are wiped off from the equipment using recycled hygienic tissue to minimise the impact of the oils on the environment and avoid blocking drains. The lab is cleaned using only natural products such as organic lavender essential oils to sterilise all lab surfaces and equipment and GreenScent washing up liquid for dish washing. Substandard packaging is recycled locally by the Scrap Store or used in primary school projects.


Inlight Beauty recognises that the people behind any production exert a huge influence on the final product which is why a truly artisanal product differs vastly from a mass-produced product. Music, colours, gemstones, tuning sounds, words of intention are part of the slow production process. The brand only produces small batches, ensuring an artisanal production from start to finish.


Each balm comes with a sustainably sourced Rosewood spatula, handcrafted in India supporting local fair trade communities.

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