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The highest cosmetic quality skincare, Sepai’s bespoke and delicate approach to BEAUTY is completely unique. A driving force in laboratory-based products, their brand DNA is inherently about transparency – coupled with sustainable sourcing, zero-waste production methods and a strong sense of social responsibility. This is BEAUTY that is truly beautiful.

Barcelona-based Sepai Laboratories was founded in 2008 by Paola Gugliotta, expert in skincare with a vast background in the industry, and a doctoral degree in Cosmetology. Born out of the desire to create safe and effective skincare, Sepai’s customizable approach to products offers a unique solution to your skin’s health re-educating it’s longevity at a cellular level.

For 10 years, this fuss-free brand have weaved the environment through their very DNA, in several ways: choosing the best ingredients, materials and production methods. Where they can, they use biotechnology processed from natural origins such as fermentation, using only Organic ingredients if it comes as a by-product of the food industry. None of their skincare involves products harvested exclusively for BEAUTY – reducing their overall effect on our planet.

Housing their unique formulas, which they dub personal trainers for the skin – in glass where possible, Sepai reduces their greenhouse gas emissions by using a cold production process which in turn ensures clean air and water. Environmental impact is not only on their day-to-day radar, but that of their future too – by 2019 they aim to reduce up to 95% of the energy used through production, as well as asking local distributors to source raw materials from Europe to save on transportation impact.

With a mindful take on the environment, their products have been plastic-free since 2009 using glass jars to package their range – where 30% of it is recycled. The highest cosmetic quality dedicated to optimizing the skin’s health in the long term, this is skincare that has considered not only its effect on your body, but the company’s effect on our atmosphere.

Their TUNE IT line is a line of boosters carefully formulated to customize the already multitasking formulations, to optimise beauty for each and every specific need. More than just skincare, this is a brand created to match your personal values.


Sepai has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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