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How will you influence your suppliers over the next 5 years to become more responsible?

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How will you influence your suppliers over the next 5 years to become more responsible?

Businesses are only as sustainable as their suppliers: companies must engage and influence their suppliers to join them in committing to sustainable, responsible practices. Find out how the Positive Luxury brand community is leading the challenge.

As a growing brand we are fortunate to have a seat at the global table when it comes to working with suppliers. Because of this opportunity we can dictate our terms and request the use of recyclable materials where previously we couldn’t. This authority ensures that our suppliers are on board with our sustainable vision.

Eva Alexandridis, Co-Founder of 111SKIN

The best way to ignite change is to lead by example. Calleija will continue to use Argyle Pink Diamonds in our creations and work exclusively with those that subscribe to the highest ethical standards of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). We also understand the power of asking rather than telling. In addition to informing our suppliers about our commitment to improving our ecological practices, Calleija will invite them to join and support sustainability too.

John Calleija, Founder of Calleija

As a business, we established our eco-system of suppliers to be as small as possible, as this enables both connectivity and communication. The more suppliers you have, the harder it is to audit their codes of conduct and ensure that they continue on their value-driven critical path. All of this control and visibility is only possible if you engage and connect with your suppliers and treat them as part of your business; an extension of your CSR manifesto. This is our commitment to change.

Susie Willis, Founder of Romilly Wilde

The vision is clear and compelling: a world in which business prospers, societies thrive and the environment flourishes. At Dalú we only partner with companies that follow our code of conduct and our sustainability standards. Coordinated action can be difficult sometimes and time consuming but in the end, it is worth it. Our goal has always been and will remain clean beauty.

Lucija Kračun, MD and Founder of Dalú

We only work with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. We carefully selected them based on strict criteria, from their labor standards to their sustainable goals and the processes used to achieve sustainability. We have established a code of conduct to make our expectations clear and to guarantee their long-term commitment. We review and update it annually. 

Alessandro Vergano, Founder of KAMPOS 

We are on a mission to sell a zero carbon holiday by 2030. This will mean rallying all of our suppliers to come with us on that journey. Our choices of suppliers are made with sustainability at the heart of the decision making process. What materials do they use, how are they sourced, how can the packaging be disposed of can all be dealbreakers for us. Over the next five years we hope to refine our choices further and work with our suppliers to deliver products that will achieve our mission. A zero carbon holiday by 2030.

 Natasha Robertson, Founder of Lagom Bramble Ski

We are fortunate to work with family-owned French based suppliers in the creation of our sustainable luxury beauty brand, who are all committed to sustainable practices. From our ethically sourced ingredients, hand-crafted 100% recyclable packaging made with recycled materials, to our laboratories and production facilities, environmental responsibility and minimised carbon footprint are at the forefront of all decisions made. We see this advancing even further over the coming years, as awareness, capabilities, and sustainable infrastructure evolve.

Melissa Obeid, Founder of La Fervance 

Written by - Jamie Moore

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