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An Earth-Friendly Future: 16 Exclusive Quotes From Our Brands On What Luxury Means Today

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An Earth-Friendly Future: 16 Exclusive Quotes From Our Brands On What Luxury Means Today

We asked our #brandstotrust for their definition of what luxury means today and how theyre weaving the new definition into their brand and products for a more earth-friendly future. Read on for exclusive quotes from CEOs and Founders of luxury brands that care about our planet”

“I think luxury today is more about experiences, travelling, and exploring new cultures and countries. Its less about having the nicest house or fastest car. We can rent those now anyway! In terms of fashion, I think luxurious fashion is a driven by this new focus on and access to travel finding well-made, trans-seasonal, and versatile garments you can wear on all your travels and journeys.” Christina Castle, Creative Director, Dagny

“[Luxury today means] creating timeless, flattering designs that make you feel good about yourself and how they have been crafted.” Catriona Ramsay, Founder & Creative Director, Lilliput & Felix

“Luxury: its feeling in harmony when you are surrounded by people you loved, a natural landscape and living an authentic experience, this is, less is more. Beauty lies in the very small thing. And always with a high respect for the community you are in and the environment.” Isabel Llorens, CEO & Founder, Rusticae

“For me, luxury is living the life you desire. Only you can define what that is.” Heidi Marchesotti, Partner, Highland Partners

Lilliput & Felix

“Luxury has finally obtained a certain degree of democratization and accessibility. At Luca Jouel we strive to offer a range of product that fosters inclusivity without sacrificing quality. We believe fine craftsmanship and customization are crucial as they resonate with the wearers sense of individuality. And above all true luxury incorporates fair trade and sustainable practices. Consumers now have a heightened awareness and are (fortunately) very sensitive to a companys ethos and ecological consciousness.” Tereena Lucas, Director & Designer, Luca Jouel

“Luxury to me means purity; to treat yourself and your loved ones whilst not mistreating others. Have a crystal clear conscience. Loving a product whole heartedly for being created with total respect to people and planet. ”Sven Segal, CEO, Po-Zu

” Luxury in the 21st Century is about transparency, authenticity, innovation and proximity. Luxury has to be a role model, to show the way on what is essential for the future. It goes through excellence, on its aesthetic as well as on its positive and concrete commitments regarding social et environmental issues”Dorothee Contour, CEO of JEM


“I feel that luxury is led from the heart and defined by the passion that drives its creation, which inevitably delivers a sorry I’m not sorry approach around the ethics and integrity of the brand”Joy Isaacs, Founder & CEO,  Argentum Apothecary

“We believe that luxury is the freedom to make good choices. It is the freedom to choose what luxury means to you individually. What feels like a luxury to us might differ to someone else and we believe that is OK. We find luxury in high quality, often handmade pieces that you really love as opposed to a trend led piece that you might love now and loathe in a months time. At Taylor Yates it’s about choosing to help our community, help the planet and live with a purpose” Karen Yates, Founder of Taylor Yates.

The future of Luxury will see an uncompromising ethical approach to design, creation, and development that not only protects but gives back to our environment and all life on earth leading the way into a sustainable future of responsible consumption and consumerism.”Virginia Stone, CEO & Founder, Virginia Stone

Rusticae Hotels

“For me, luxury in today’s world is experiencing something truly unique whilst ensuring that the environmental impact is minimal and that there is a constant conscious involved at every level. I also value craftsmanship as a luxury, having something that is made by hand and by true artisans is a rare and special experience.” Noor Fares, Founder, Noor Fares

“For me, Luxury Fashion is about creating an emotional response Wearing Something That Means Something.  Connecting the consumer and the maker empowers a more conscious choice by the consumer. Knowledge of where a garment has come from and how it has been produced encourages regard for both the Artisan and the environment. Not only can we treasure unique, beautiful, hand-made pieces that last a lifetime; we can also inspire to consumers to affect a positive impact through their fashion choices. In this way, shopping with a conscience can become synonymous with Luxury.” Katherine Maunder, Founder & Creative Director, Thread Tales Co

“Generally speaking, luxury now denotes something that is not luxurious. Established luxury brands have diffused their lines and sacrificed quality and craft to such an extent in a bid to attract new customers at lower price points that the luxury they are selling is largely a sham. As such, luxury has quite possibly become the most overused and abused, widely distrusted and bogus word in the English language. Ironically, these same luxury brands have recognised this and are now stopping to use the word luxury to market themselves. The traditional luxury industry has turned luxury into a dirty word.” Rohan Dhir, Founder & CEO Archibald London


“For a designer, having a voice and a place in the luxury industry that is, fashion comes with great responsibility.” Luxury at a time where the fashion industry is in flux, designers ought to make mindful and conscious decisions to ensure ethical-fashion practices and sustainable curation are of paramount importance. However, the secret I confess to luxury is in fine craftsmanship and uncompromised quality highlighting the philosophy of the VANA Brand.” Vanashree Singh, Founder & Creative Director of VANA

“Luxury today is less about how shiny the material or expensive the price tag, but more about what values the products or services stand for. In fact, some of the very values people around the world are currently fighting for whether sustainable living, fighting for equality or addressing climate change is reflected in today’s luxury products.” Tessa Gerlach, co-founder of Elephant Gin

Written by - Katie Stalker

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