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Genderless and customisable, each BAUME watch embodies the brand’s mission to design mindfully for a better tomorrow. Believing that business should be a force for good, BAUME built responsible practices into the core of its model, reducing its environmental footprint and fostering thoughtful partnerships for the future.

BAUME watches are mindfully designed to modernise every aspect of the watch industry. Ensuring that its footprint leaves a little negative impact as possible on the environment, the brand is underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), working towards responsible consumption and production, conserving life below water, and gender equality.

In order to raise awareness about important environmental topics, BAUME is innovating with materials that are new to watchmaking. The brand selects materials for their low environmental footprint, demonstrating that sustainable can be desirable and synonymous with quality, too. Material options for watch straps include cork, recycled PET, cotton, linen and Alcantara.




Baume has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

Want to learn more? Click on the interactive Butterfly Mark on your left and scroll through each Positive Action to read a short description of the brands efforts and achievements as verified by Positive Luxury. You will also be able to find the interactive Butterfly Mark online on the brands website, retailer and partner sites.

To further fulfill its mission of designing mindfully for a better tomorrow, BAUME is committed to working with NGOs such as Waste Free Oceans. Waste Free Oceans builds partnerships with local communities and fishermen to ensure that waste is collected from oceans, rivers and beaches. In turn, the ocean plastic is transformed into fabrics that enable Baume to create a modern, recycled, and recyclable product¬† –¬† all while helping them to do their part in cleaning the oceans, one watch at a time.

The use of recycled and upcycled materials is part of BAUME’s mission to bring the principles of the circular economy to the manufacturing process. Its ultimate aim? To inspire established watch brands to follow in BAUME’s footsteps, to close the loop, and create products where all materials can be recovered for recycling or reuse. BAUME watches are mindfully designed in both material choices and production techniques, and can be customised to suit the wearer’s style. The crowns on the brand’s watches sit at a 12 o’clock position – a feature that references the first pocket watches to be produced by its mother brand, Baume & Mercier.

Ethics are at the heart of BAUME’s watches. A BAUME watch is more than a product; it embodies the brand’s mission to design for a better tomorrow. By never using precious stones or leather, creating a responsible supply chain that respects humans and reduces waste, designing recyclable packaging, and collaborating with thoughtful partners, BAUME demonstrates that it is committed to a brighter future.

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