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Summer Reads Week Four: Innovation with the Positive Luxury team

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Summer Reads Week Four: Innovation with the Positive Luxury team

This summer, we have been putting the spotlight on the books that have shaped the thinking of the Positive Luxury community and can inspire you and your business. To wrap up our month of Summer Reads we turn to the Positive Luxury team plus friend of Positive Luxury Martin Townsend, Global Head of Sustainability and Circular Economy from the BSI, to reveal their recommendations on books that can inspire innovation.

Exponential: How to Bridge the Gap Between Technology and Society – Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar is an entrepreneur, investor and author who founded the Exponential View newsletter in 2015 to make sense of the gap between fast-evolving technologies and slow-moving social institutions and norms. He is listened to by leading investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers around the globe. We can’t wait to read his view on how we can (or must) grab the reigns to harness technology in order to address our most pressing problems – and build a more sustainable, inclusive, equitable world. As a leading thinker, he always offers unexpected and innovative views that in turn inspire and provide a spark for new ways of thinking and action.

Anthro-Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life – Gillian Tett

Gillian Tett is a bestselling author, Financial Times journalist, and anthropology PhD who is part of a new generation of anthropologists that are re-examining our culture through new lenses, using this to provide new perspectives on our behaviour. Anthro-Vision gives us an insight into how we can all use the tenets of anthropology to gain a far deeper understanding of cultural shifts, consumer behaviour, and the new appetite for green investment. Anybody looking to build an innovative and sustainable business can only benefit from the deep understanding of why people behave the way they do that this book imparts.

Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Lead Transformation – Tendayi Viki

The title of this book comes from an iconic Steve Jobs quote ‘it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy’. Most of us do not get to build our own business and instead have to ‘settle’ for being a pirate in the navy – an innovator in an established business. But that is easier said than done. Large businesses move slowly and being a maverick is just as likely to make you an outcast as it is to make you a success. In this book corporate innovation expert Tendayi Viki provides a step-by-step guide to achieving continuous innovation – essential for any member of a corporate sustainability team.

A World Without Work – Daniel Susskind

Innovation is often the art of understanding what is going to happen before it does. In this book, Daniel Susskind outlines one of the biggest cultural changes we could be headed for, one with the potential to change everything we understand about capitalism – and one that every innovator needs to prepare for. The change is the coming displacement of human work by machines, potentially stripping many of our lives of meaning and purpose. How will we fill that hole in people’s lives? What will this mean for technology and government? And how can we get ahead of this change?

ZEDlife: How to build a low-carbon society today – Bill Dunster 

In a world where we are constantly overwhelmed by negative climate news, a book like ZEDlife: How to build a low-carbon society today by Bill Dunster that imagines a low-carbon society that we could achieve today is a real breath of fresh air. British Architect Dunster focuses on how we already have the technology available to build a net-zero world on both a small and a large scale – from shelters to entire cities. Although the focus of the book is architectural, the innovation on show and the thoughtful approach to how it can be applied should inspire people in any industry.

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Written by - Jacob Corner

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