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Australia fires: Four ways you can help

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Australia fires: Four ways you can help

Australia is currently facing a terrible crisis. Bushfires have been tearing up the country since early September, and there is a global push for everyone to step up, understand what is happening and figure out what we can do to help.

To date, The New York Times states that about 10 million acres have burned in New South Wales, destroying nearly 1,000 homes. An estimate of 12 million acres in total have been burned by the fires and in around 500 million animals have been killed.

The country has made a global appeal for help and social media users are sharing the news and taking action. For this reason, we have put together four ways for you to help the country and cope with this catastrophe. From tree planting to donating, find out how you can help.

Spread the word

Australia fires are currently five times bigger than the Amazonian fires and the news isn’t covering much of this tragic event. Raise awareness around you by engaging with the online community, and use your social platforms to keep the conversation going. Several sources are stating that the Australian government isn’t doing enough to fight the fires, and that means social action is super important.

Educate yourself

Australia is currently experiencing its hottest temperatures on record, and they’re only one month into the summer. With average highs of 41.9 degrees Celsius, the country is hotter and dryer than ever, and they need global support. Read more about why this is happening and the impact climate change is having on the environment. You can use this interactive map from The Guardian to understand what is happening as the situation evolves.


Many organisations are helping the firefighters, Australian people and wildlife. Help by donating to these ones:

Plant trees

Switch your usual Google search for the online resource, Ecosia. This search engine uses profits to plant trees where they are needed most. Trees help reduce the carbon dioxide load. Plus, it can easily be added to Chrome as an extension. You can also give your phone a design refresh by changing your apps to the ones from Apps Planting Trees, where the advertising revenue from the apps is then used to plant trees. Regardless of the tree planting option you use, remember that the pollution is spreading fast and each new tree is helpful to the planet as it helps offset CO2 emissions, support biodiversity and protect habitats.

Remember that every little bit counts and that the Australia fires are spreading fasts. We hope to have inspired you to act with our four different ways for you to help.

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Written by - Maegan Rocca

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