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Krug President and CEO Maggie Henriquez on the house’s commitment to transparency

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Krug President and CEO Maggie Henriquez on the house’s commitment to transparency

Since becoming President & CEO of the House of Krug more than a decade ago, Maggie Henriquez has made sustainability her priority and championed new initiatives to ensure Krug Champagnes are environmentally sound from vineyard to bottle. She is an advocate of full transparency in this regard, which has been made possible thanks to the Krug iD. Ahead of her speaking on our upcoming Positive Week panel in Paris, we chatted with her about sustainability, transparency and the role we all share in creating a better future for the planet.

On the House’s 176-year history

The House of Krug exists since 1843 when founder Joseph Krug dreamt of offering the best Champagne he could every year, regardless of variations in climate and thus created the fullest, most generous expression of Champagne. Each year, we perpetuate his legacy with a new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée. In this way, the House was built on transmission, which is the most important factor of sustainability. We have been here for 176 years with a long-term vision and understand that to create the best Champagne we can offer, we must care for our environment, our people, our vineyards and our communities. As Champagne comes from nature, looking after the planet is our way of safeguarding its future and protecting our savoir-faire. We could not think about the future without sustainability as a priority.

On sustainability at Krug

Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do at Krug, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our ISO certifications date back to 2004 and since 2014, we are certified sustainable in vineyard management. Our packaging is eco-conceived and recyclable. We have optimised waste management such that 100% is sorted and recycled or recovered for energy. There is no disposal. We have decreased our water consumption by 33% in 3 years. We have switched to LED lighting and generally optimise energy management. Our wines are born in barrels that we reuse for 40 years. We also have programs in place to support our employees and ensure safe and healthy working conditions, as well as specific training. We have long-lasting relationships with our growers and have initiatives in place to help them become certified sustainable.

On transparency at Krug

Transparency within our community of Krug Lovers is important to us. The idea of sharing information with people is part of our long-term vision and necessary for the continuity of the House. Since 2011, we give people access to detailed information about our Champagnes – the story of their creation, their composition and more – online via the Krug iD, six digits on the back label of each bottle of Krug. Thanks to Krug iD, anyone can learn about our Champagnes and we are likewise fully transparent on our sustainable practices. At the House of Krug, there is nothing hidden because we believe that people have a right to this information.

On the consciousness built into Krug’s DNA

As you can see, sustainability and transparency are fundamental values of Krug and part of our everyday life. We have been building upon them and will continue to do so. I believe when our teams embrace the modernity, transparency and sustainability of the House, they feel an amazing level of pride, which spurs them to advance even further in this direction.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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