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POAN launches their fall collection with a film shoot

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POAN launches their fall collection with a film shoot

The POAN fall collection is here, and it’s a multi-dimensional reference to one of the most interesting film genres: the Spaghetti Western. If you’re not familiar, Spaghetti Westerns were a popular sub-genre of westerns filmed in Italy, and made famous by director Sergio Leone. And it’s easy to see their influence in this latest collection from POAN.

Inspired by the freedom of the wild west, where no one was bound to a set of rules, where love was more real, and the gender boundaries were more fluid. Because of that, you’ll see a collection that mixes masculinity and femininity between the men’s and women’s collections in a way that makes the pieces wearable for anyone and everyone.

Available from September to November, the collection is grounded by dark, indigo heavy denim and fishbone corduroy shirt jackets. Adding a more playful tone is a washed pink hoodie and matching tapered drawstring trousers. Notice that through-line for both the men’s and women’s collections, with the same knit jumpers and slogan T-shirts in both. But the women’s collection has an added hit of femininity thanks to both fitted and deconstructed dresses. The western influence shines in the denim shirts, the fringed ponchos and the bandana jumpers.

To take that inspiration even further, POAN decided to launch this new collection in the middle of an actual Spaghetti Western. They casted and filmed their own take on the classic genre and, of course, dressed all of the characters in pieces from the collection. You can get a sneak peek at the finished product here.

The film will launch in its entirety later this month, and it is set to give a truly unique and unprecedented perspective on POAN’s fall collection.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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