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Reclaiming Childhood

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Reclaiming Childhood

In our Western culture, parenting has become a competitive sport; society has normalised the anxious pursuit to “childhood enrichment” with learning activities, teaching verbiage and educational toys.

While these past years have seen minimalist trends – such as the KonMari Method™ – rising as a stark reaction to ambient consumerism in many areas, the parenting race is dawdling to slow down. If choosing to be conscious about our purchases and rhythms brings more sustainability into our lives, it should also pertain to our children. 

Granted, it can be difficult for parents to not let themselves overflown by the amount of belongings, especially when marketing influences choices based on emotions, such as parental guilt. However, research has shown that a cluttered, brimming playroom lends itself to short span of attention and general confusion. As a result, submerging children with toys leads to less play. It is worth adding that through this race to acquire the latest gear will inevitably permeate a materialistic outlook on life.

Children grow and transform through play; the importance of imaginary play on the development of a child cannot be stressed enough. Psychology on early childhood shows that the foundation of learning and development is in the process, not the result.

As the architects of your family’s daily lives, it is in your power to question accepted norms of modern parenting and be selective about what your children need. 

While navigating through the endless choice of toys, it is useful to consider key factors: (1) what type of toy promotes imaginative play and encourages the development of skill building, problem solving and empathy. (2) whether the toy is made from sustainable, toxic free materials. 


In our search for toys integrating these parameters, we have come across the Leggybuddy handmade knitted toys. These unique, heirloom soft toys are entirely hand crocheted and wear hand knitted clothes, reminding us of tender childhood and grandmas knitting for their grandchildren. 

Leggybuddy brings craftsmanship, thoughtfulness and consideration in every step of the process of bringing these little friends to life. Everything is made by hand, using nothing but needles and yarn. These sweet handmade dolls are made out of Oeko -Tex certified Cotton which was tested non-toxic for use in toys according to European (EN71)  and USA (ASTM F963) Standards. 

The Leggybuddy collection comprises mouse dolls and froggies that your children will love carrying around for a long time, squeeze for cuddles and include in their imaginary play. For babies, you can also get the sweet music box and rattle versions of these fun characters.


If you are looking for great toys that your baby can gnawn on, the Danish brand Hevea offers a lovely selection of teethers made from 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees. Combining Scandinavian design and a love of nature, Hevea provides an excellent alternative to the many plastic toys and dummies on the market. The range includes baby bottles, pacifiers and rubber wood toys. 

Written by - Severine Etienne

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