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Founded by Giovanni Fontana in 1937, Valextra’s is one of Italy’s oldest leather-goods brands revered for its exquisite engineering of quiet luxury. From the iconic Tric Trac wristbag, first conceived in 1968, to the Iside handbag that arrived in 2011, preservation and innovation are symbiotic in Valextra’s approach to craft and construction. Perpetual details, such as the black lacquered Costa edging; the fine, handpainted Inchiostro lines; and its famous shade of Pergamena white have endured as discreet yet distinctive signatures exalting handmade craft.


Valextra’s commitment to meaningful everyday objects of desire transcends the company ethos to sustainable manufacturing. As a result, a Valextra design is defined by its timeliness, encapsulating the brand’s constant endeavour to create essential and versatile items that embody urban craft and respect artisanal Italian expertise.

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Preserving and innovating timely Italian craft is Valextra’s social and environmental priority to 2030 and beyond. Our belief is that doing well by doing good should not be an ambition, but a reality. This is why Valextra has partnered with Positive Luxury to constantly improve our sustainability practices and minimise our environmental impacts whilst improving our social and governance (ESG) criteria. Our roadmap clearly defines the objectives that will take us on a sustainability journey providing reassurance to our customers that when they invest in Valextra’s leather goods they are doing so with the confidence that its production has been scrutinised and its provenance is guaranteed.

Valextra Positive Luxury

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Since working with Positive Luxury, Valextra conducted its first carbon assessment of Scope 1 and 2 emissions and signed up to Science Based Targets Initiatives (SBTi), as well as identified its company dependencies and impact on biodiversity. From a procurement side, it shifted to the DHL Go Green Programme to offer carbon neutral delivery to customers which was previously not an option. Within the environment pillar, Valextra improved by an incredible 210% throughout their assessment.

Valextra Positive Luxury

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Valextra has incorporated circular principles into its business implementing closed-loop production practices to eliminate waste and end-of-life solutions through re-using the leathers from the straps to extend the usability of products

Valextra Positive Luxury

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Valextra has achieved greater awareness in the traceability of its production processes and regarding the origin of the raw materials used in its products. Through certifications, scouting of accredited suppliers and completing profiles aligned with the most sought-after regulations and the sustainable origin of its material, they have managed to certify its production chain, obtaining the certified MADE IN ITALY and transparent supply chain process. Additionally, Valextra updated its Code of Conduct to ensure every employee within the business and supply chain, both of which is based in Italy, has a Code of Conduct, regardless of the country they operate in or if they are working in a directly operated facility, working from home or subcontracted manufacturers. Aligning every employee working for or with Valextra to its Code of Conduct has helped to minimise any risk within its supply chain.

Valextra Positive Luxury

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Valextra promotes professional growth and productivity through responsible people management and over the past year Valextra has adopted new formal and well-documented Human Resources policies across the business. It introduced its first Diversity, Equality and Inclusion policy, Animal Welfare and Travel policy. All of which protect both the employer and employee from risk as well as improve overall performance and satisfaction within the workforce.

Valextra Positive Luxury


Valextra has committed to focusing on four key areas: craftsmanship, carbon assessment, circular economy and environmental footprint. Valextra manufactures 100% of its products in Italy and works to preserve specialist skills with our apprenticeship programmes. Valextra’s tanneries are certified with Leather Working Group that works to reduce the impact of the leather industry throughout its supply chain, ensuring transparency, limited environmental impact and guaranteeing best practices in procurement, storage, and the disposal of chemical substances. Valextra’s has established local repairs service centres in Italy, Japan and China to ensure that high standards are maintained while combining exceptional customer service and reducing our carbon footprint. Following a carbon assessment, we have signed up to Science Based Targets Initiatives (SBTI). We ensure that the majority of our products are shipped using responsible carriers with certified green programs and carbon emissions compensation tools. We plan to measure scope 3 by the end of 2025.



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