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From its certified zero-carbon, energy-efficient Vancouver studio, Pyrrha handcrafts more sustainable jewellery that holds personal significance for those who wear it. Where some see imperfection, it sees character, individuality, and strength. Its meaningful talismans –cast in-house with 100% recycled metals – are designed to offer inspiration, connection, and comfort.


Sustainability is of paramount importance at Pyrrha, and they believe that it's a company's walk, not their talk, that matters. They are acutely aware of the havoc that the conventional jewellery industry wreaks on the world, and want to inspire other companies to be more accountable, transparent, and better for the world. They have assessed the UN SDG goals, and have chosen to focus on those that align with their values. Pyrrha is a certified carbon neutral B Corp, a living wage employer, a member of 1% for the Planet, and adheres to the Responsible Jewellery Council's Code of Practices as part of their ongoing commitment to increase their social impact and lessen their environmental impact.

Pyrrha Positive Luxury




Vancouver, BC Canada

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Long before we knew what "sustainable" meant, we both tried to live our lives with minimal impact on the environment. When we started Pyrrha, we both agreed that we wanted it to be an extension of ourselves and our values rather than an entity unto itself. We still live and work by this creed, and we feel that it makes decisions about how Pyrrha shows up in the world so much easier to make.



Pyrrha Positive Luxury
Pyrrha Positive luxury


We underwent assessment with Positive Luxury because we want to promote the concept that sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive. The Butterfly Mark is a visual assurance to our customers and suppliers that they can trust that we run our business responsibly.

Our hope is that the definition of luxury will one day change to include a sustainability requirement so that all luxury will be positive.

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Climate, Energy & Waste Management


Since 2016 Pyrrha has been carrying out annual carbon footprint assessments and achieved a 72% reduction in GHGs against its initial year. This substantial reduction was reached through the building of their Vancouver studio, which includes a six-story production tower and a new showroom in a fully restored heritage house. The buildings have been awarded the Zero Carbon Certification, through the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), in recognition of their sustainability achievements. Their energy efficiency is achieved by choosing low-carbon building materials, use of renewable energy, and smart technology. The buildings are heated and cooled using a geothermal pump that draws energy from the ground. For the construction of the production studio, GHG-intensive cement was replaced by cross-laminated timber, and photochromic windows were used, which tint automatically according to the position of the sun. These smart windows reduce heat and glare to reduce energy consumption and provide comfort. In 2023, Pyrrha has set their 2025 targets to reduce their Scope 3 indirect carbon emissions by 10% and lower their waste production by 5%. Pyrrha remains a carbon-neutral business by successfully offsetting all residual carbon through the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project in partnership with Carbonzero.

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Supply Chain Transparency


The brand has established a system of controls and transparency over their supply chain for precious metals, diamonds and coloured gemstones that align with the Code of Practice guidelines from the Responsible Jewellery Council and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. A supplier Code of Conduct and supplier questionnaire has been introduced in the sourcing process, heavily focusing on human rights and fair labour practices. To further lower risk and increase supply chain visibility, raw materials are sourced from Canada and the United States and all of their jewellery is created in Vancouver, Canada.

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Sustainable Materials & Circularity


Pyrrha uses 100% recycled gold and silver for all of its jewellery and offers a lifetime warranty to ensure longevity and avoid post-consumer waste generation. The brand uses 100% recycled materials in its consumer packaging, aiming to increase the use of FSC-certified forest-based materials going forward. The meaning card, included with each piece of jewellery sold, is handmade in Canada from recycled cotton t-shirt offcuts, linen, flax straw, and jute.

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People Management & Community Involvement


Pyrrha is a certified Living Wage Employer and is truly dedicated to the health and well-being of their staff. In addition to supporting their own team, Pyrrha extends their positive social impact by supporting and creating opportunities for local communities. Pyrrha is a member of 1% for the Planet. They are committed to donating a minimum of 1% of our gross sales to eco-initiatives to drive on-the-ground change within the core areas of climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. Pyrrha has regular donations set up with various organisations that are important to the business. For example, they have raised over $35,000 for the mental health NGO To Write Love on Her Arms, by donating $50 for each 'Love Her but Leave Her Wild' talisman they sell. Similarly, $50 from each 'She Wore Her Scars Like Wings' talisman sale is donated to Love is Louder, a charity dedicated to creating more supportive communities and campuses for teenagers and young adults. Additionally, every time a customer decides not to select a gift box at checkout online, Pyrrha donates $1 USD to the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), a registered charity that supports BIPOC youth in connecting with nature and their community.

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Community Involvement


Partial proceeds from Pyrrha's Bee-themed talismans go to Hives for Humanity, a non-profit organisation that supports inclusion within the community and builds belonging by leading therapeutic bee-keeping programs on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Pyrrha's 'Music Unites Us' Talisman was designed in collaboration with Pathway to Paris, a non-profit organization helping cities transition to 100% renewable energy and go zero emissions as soon as possible. $100 from each talisman sold goes directly to Pathway to Paris. To date, over $35,000 has been donated. Finally, The Pyrrha Scholarship and the Pyrrha Indigenous Student Award are part of the businesses' ongoing commitment to support the craft of jewellery making through the Vancouver Community College (VCC) Jewelry Art and Design program.


Each day Pyrrha take small steps to ensure that they are constantly moving forward on their sustainability journey: they are always looking to develop new processes to find different ways to do things outside of standard jewellery practices. The little things can add up quickly to make a big difference and they empower their employees to make subtle but sweeping changes. In the long term, they are looking to manufacture all their own chains and findings in-house as the final stage in their vertical integration.



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