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Augusta & George is a London based jewellery company, owned by TLKE that works in partnership with an extensive network of international brands & partners for the distribution of quality, branded timepieces & jewellery into the UK & larger European market. TLKE's mission is to supply major multiple retailers in the UK and Europe with a reliable and sustainably sourced supply of jewellery and accessory brands, whilst maintaining their brand integrity.


Augusta & George's responsibility to the planet and their people is at the forefront of everything they do. Their vision is a jewellery industry that actively protects the environment, empowers the talented people in their supply chains, and delivers beautiful collections that meet the demands of more ethically aware customers. They are committed to working in a way that protects the environment by using natural resources responsibly and sourcing from carefully managed supply chains. Augusta & George are proud to work with a dynamic community of people. They understand that they have a duty of care to ensure that their commitments are upheld and that they work in the spirit of continuous improvement.


London, UK






UK and Europe


Caring for our planet and people is at the heart of everything we do at Augusta & George. I dream of a jewellery industry that actively protects the planet and improves the lives of everyone, everywhere. I am honoured to be working alongside Positive Luxury and am grateful for their guidance and support in helping us take measurable steps towards a more sustainable future.




We know that producing jewellery can have a negative impact on people and the planet if not managed responsibly. Undergoing ESG+ certification is helping us to understand where we are on our journey towards our sustainability goals. Knowing what we are doing well and where we can improve is allowing us to write practical and achievable goals that we believe will make meaningful impact over the next few years. We are committed to continuously learn about our impact and improve our processes for a better future.

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In the brand’s inaugural Sustainability Statement and Objectives report, Augusta & George acknowledges that the production of jewellery can have a negative impact on people and planet if not managed properly. In 2023, Augusta & George conducted their first carbon footprint assessment to understand the environmental impact of their business activities. From this assessment, Augusta & George has been able to set reduction targets and work with a carbon credit company to offset emissions.

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Sustainable Sourcing

During the assessment journey, Augusta & George developed its Supplier Terms which act as a Supplier Code of Conduct for their suppliers. These guidelines are an ethical commitment that includes basic principles and standards for the proper development of the relations between Augusta & George and its stakeholders. Furthermore, Augusta & George have developed a Procurement Policy that outlines the way they procure goods. For example, all suppliers producing Augusta & George jewellery must use 100% recycled gold and silver. Moreover, Augusta & George’s Tier 1 Supplier is SMETA certified, and Tier 2 suppliers are Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practice Certified.

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Community Involvement & People Management

Augusta and George’s community involvement strategy targets health and social investment by partnering with charitable initiatives, running fundraising events and offering employees volunteer days. Augusta & George supports Mind, a mental health charity, by donating minimum 5% of their overall jewellery sales to the charity. Furthermore, Augusta & George protects its employees with an extensive employee handbook which specifically includes an Equality and Diversity Policy, as well as a Mental Wellbeing Policy.

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SDG Alignment

During the assessment journey, Augusta & George conducted a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) alignment analysis. Through this analysis, the brand was able to identify four key SDGs and their underlying targets that are most relevant to Augusta & George. For SDG 8, Promote Sustained, Inclusive and Productive Employment and Decent Work for All, Augusta & George aims to implement a sustainability training program for all staff in 2024. For SDG 13, Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impacts, Augusta & George plan to develop a strategy to reduce their 1 & 2 carbon emissions and analyse the impact of their freight.


Augusta & George are committed to producing jewellery responsibly. In order to hold themselves accountable, Augusta & George have produced measurable and impactful sustainability objectives that they aim to reach by 2025. These objectives are focussed on People, Environment, and Governance and are publicly available on their website.



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