Annoushka Jewellery Positive Luxury
Annoushka Jewellery Positive Luxury
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Annoushka is the eponymous fine jewellery brand by British jeweller Annoushka Ducas MBE. An intuitive designer, Annoushka is renowned for her intricate yet innovative craftsmanship and ability to tell stories through the playful myriad of jewels in her collections. Exclusively hand crafted in 18ct recycled gold, diamonds and precious gemstones – Annoushka jewellery is made to be worn and to be treasured forever.


Annoushka believe that jewellery should last forever. This is reflected in the timelessness of their designs and integrity of their materials. By working in real gold, Annoushka celebrate this naturally occurring and endlessly recyclable, precious metal. They believe in buying less and buying better and intend their designs to be worn, cherished, passed on for the next generation to enjoy. Annoushka are embracing the challenge of changing their business to be as sustainable as possible and have partnered with Positive Luxury to do so. They undertake wherever possible to source and produce in materials that have already been extracted, rather than continuing to mine limited resources. Today, over 70% of Annoushka's gold is recycled – and they are holding themselves accountable to reach 100% recycled gold as soon as they can. By using recycled gold, Annoushka align with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production. They recycle the gold already in circulation - which holds the same value as newly mined gold - but has far less environmental impact.

Annoushka Positive Luxury




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I feel it’s integral to bring this to the fore for my customers, and so by buying solid gold they are making an investment in something which will last forever, not throwing money at a passing trend. Each piece of Annoushka jewellery is hallmarked and bears our unique makers mark which guarantees the quality of each individual piece now, and forever.



Annoushka Jewellery Positive Luxury
Annoushka Jewellery Positive Luxury


We understand the importance of corporate responsibility and so we are working with Positive Luxury to ensure we comprehensively review and improve our business. Jewellery is a complex industry which poses many challenges and contradictions, some of which may take time to resolve. We are committed to our values and our goal of becoming a more circular business and therefore our partnership with Positive Luxury will aid our resolutions and ensure we stay on the right trajectory.



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As a female-led business, Annoushka has an integral interest in supporting women from all backgrounds, in both their professional and personal lives. Whether that's through charity partnerships bringing education to young girls, or brand collaborations with other female-owned businesses. Annoushka firmly believes everyone has a role to play in gender equality and with an aim to hit community milestones by raising a further £3 million over the next three years to support young women through The Brilliant Breakfast for The Prince's Trust. This is alongside supporting the success of their women's microfinance initiative in Addis Ababa, Give a Future, which is now self-funding. In addition, Annoushka has introduced a volunteering policy to have at least a day for each employee (a total of 70) being used for community by end of 2023 and two for each employee (a total of 150+) by the end of 2025. Annoushka will also continue to nurture talent through supporting the jewellery design course at Central St. Martins in London with an annual project and prize, offering annual internships placements.

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In 2022, Annoushka signed the SME climate Hub commitment and by doing so, the brand has aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 for Protection, and Climate Action. Annoushka recognises that climate change poses a serious threat to the economy, nature and society at large and as such has committed to halving their emissions by 2030, achieve net zero by 2050, and to report and disclose their progress annually. These actions are all recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, of which Annoushka is a member. As for their packaging, it is made from recycled materials and sustainable paper sources that are FSC certified. Moving forward, the brand has a target to move towards packaging that is fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials.

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Annoushka as a rule, only works with suppliers who can commit to the social and environmental standards set out in their Supplier Code of Conduct, in line with the International Labour Organisation guidelines. Every step of the production and design process is carefully considered; from the choice of materials, to how they are made, and their lifespan once they make it to their customers. Annoushka uses recycled metals to avoid the negative impacts of mining as well as working with suppliers to improve the transparency of their supply chain ultimately towards having full visibility of the source of all the gemstones they use. 93% of their jewellery is produced by suppliers that are Responsible Jewellery Council certified and they are working with the remaining 7% to see how they can help them achieve this certification in the future.


Annoushka Jewellery undertake wherever possible to source and produce in materials that have already been extracted, rather than continuing to mine limited resources. They want to further improve sustainability within their supply chain and continue to empower local communities around the world through direct sourcing of some of their materials. They are currently exploring how and if they can use recycled stones. Annoushka want to offer reduced packaging as an option to their customers and further understand the use of plastics in their supply chain. Furthermore, Annoushka are investing and supporting their community with training and education.



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