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Born in Paris to Danish diplomat parents, designer Anne Sisteron established her taste for timeless jewellery and exquisite craftsmanship at an early age. Her worldly upbringing exposed her to international design and defined her classic, yet modern, identity. Anne’s penchant for aesthetics comes from years of traveling the world as a model. Her training as a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Grader gives her the expertise to build luxurious, yet wearable, collections. After much demand and intentional curation, Anne Sisteron Fine Jewelry was born.


Anne Sisteron sustainably source Nature’s finest materials to construct thoughtfully designed, coveted treasures to be worn by all and that will stand the test of time. They are proud to offer a unique collection of timeless fine jewellery for both him and her, that radiates sophistication with an unexpected flair. At its very core, Anne Sisteron exudes undeniable modernity, luxury, and sentiment while leaving little environmental trace in its wake. Behind every design is a story, but it’s the wearer who ultimately brings it to life.

Anne Sisteron Positive Luxury




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We believe in leaving a little sparkle wherever we go. As a brand, we're always looking for ways to holistically do better and be better, with our customers, local community, and global community mind. Our "why" as a brand is founded on three non-negotiable pillars: Sustainability, Charitability, and Championing Women: We are hyper aware of the environmental impacts of fine jewellery, and have taken it upon ourselves to rethink the traditional, unethical practices of the industry. From holding our manufactures to the highest standards, to redesigning our packaging to be 100% recyclable, we are always striving to achieve new sustainable goals. Our brand believes in social responsibility and giving back to enforce positive change in our world community. We are proud to donate $10 with every order placed on The Nonprofit organizations are hand selected by Anne Sisteron annually to reflect the values of our brand. Additionally, we participate in numerous charitable events throughout the year and sell a collection of jewelry, where 40% off proceeds are donated to KAAP. Lastly, we are inspired most by our AS Family and the strong women from around the world who unite in this empowering community. As a women-led brand, we believe strongly that we will continue to achieve through support for other women, which is why we make it a point to always uplift the women around us. We are intentional about working with female-led suppliers and partnering with female-owned brands for partnerships and collaborations.




Anne Sisteron's sustainable journey with Positive Luxury has been a remarkable example of creating a positive impact on the planet environmentally, socially and philanthropically. We as a brand recognised the significance of social responsibility within the luxury industry. We fostered relationships with local suppliers and craftspeople, supporting fair trade practices and ensuring that our jewellery is produced under safe and fair working conditions. By investing in the well-being of our employees and the communities involved in our supply chain, we promoted positive change and contributed to the upliftment of others. We actively engage in philanthropic initiatives. We use our brand's platform to raise awareness and support various causes, such as environmental conservation, women's empowerment, children and animal's well-being being, countries suffering who are in need (we raised $50K for Ukraine) and mental health. Through collaborations with charitable organizations, we created limited-edition collections where a portion of the proceeds was donated to support these causes. We inspired our customers to participate in making a positive impact by choosing a charity for us to give back $10 with each order. Our partnership with Positive Luxury serves as a high point in our sustainability journey. We believe that luxury should not only be about beauty and opulence but also about making a positive difference.

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In 2023 Anne Sisteron conducted its first carbon footprint assessment, defined its 2030 Net Zero strategy and made a switch to renewable energy in their corporate facilities.

In partnership with SoCal Climate Control, Anne Sisteron continuously carries out energy efficiency audits to ensure all energy reliant equipment is maintained and where necessary, repaired for optimal energy use. Energy conservation training is also offered to all teams through this partnership. The brand has also adopted sustainable product shipping and distribution methods by utilising electric vehicles and in order to further reduce its carbon footprint, the brand has implemented a travel policy aiming to reduce number of yearly trips and prioritize low-emissions travel modes whenever possible.

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The jewellery brand fosters team engagement and empowerment through joint activities, annual trips and skills development through paid courses. Anne Sisteron prioritises a diverse and safe environment for their teams, for example the team receives unconscious bias training and sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention. As a female led business, it aims to empower women everywhere by prioritising female-owned brands for partnerships, collaborations and material supply. For employee development, there are yearly reviews to monitor performance and promote further personal and organisational development. Finally, wellbeing and counselling sessions are offered to employees to support their mental health.

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For Anne Sisteron social responsibility means taking care of its own team as well as supporting the communities around them. For example it has its Anne Gives Back initiative, which means that with every order placed, the brand donates 10 USD to a charity of buyer’s choice. Currently the brand works with three non-profits including Thrive, an animal rescue and community education programme to reduce displacement of dogs; Chips and the Children’s Institute Inc. in efforts to support violence and abuse victims, provide treatment, family support and early childhood support; and the National Alliance of Mental Illness to improve the lives of those living with mental illness, as well as their families and close ones. This programme is reviewed and updated annually to ensure the diversity of the chosen organisations. The brand has also hosted a number of store events to raise funds for the selected charities with 20% of all in-event proceeds being donated.

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Anne Sisteron in 2023 has defined their sustainable sourcing strategy and implemented supplier code of conduct. By 2024, the brand has committed to having 70% of their suppliers' become signatories of their code of conduct ensuring the brand’s sustainability strategy and objectives are reflected in their supply chain. The brand’s sustainability purpose is defined and clearly communicated to all teams and sustainability performance is one of the key considerations for the annual employee review. Finally, the brand has defined and aligned their ESG practices to UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, 12 and 13.


Anne Sisteron is further looking to enhance its sustainability efforts as a company. One of its primary focuses will be to aim for implementing 100% sustainable packaging solutions. The business understands the importance of reducing its environmental impact, and sourcing eco-friendly materials for packaging is a crucial step in that direction. By sourcing sustainable packaging materials, they aim to minimise waste and contribute to a healthier planet. Additionally, the brand will continue to explore and adopt sustainable practices throughout its supply chain, ensuring that their manufacturing processes align with their commitment to sustainability. They are actively researching and investing in new technologies and sustainable practices that can further advance their journey towards becoming a more environmentally responsible brand. This includes exploring alternative materials, reducing energy consumption, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Their goal is to provide clients with not only beautiful jewellery but also a guilt-free purchasing experience that aligns with the customer's values. The brand strives to be everyone's personal jeweller as well as a more environmentally sustainable company.



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