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Ocean + Main

Inspired by the ocean, Ocean+Main crafts luxury, planet-friendly caftans locally made on Main Street in Los Angeles. Limited water and zero plastic are used in production for a sustainable choice for the ocean or Main street.

A version of a caftan can be found in every climate, every culture, and every period in history and ocean+main strives to pay homage to the rich history of the caftan while being mindful of production practices and those who make our clothes. All ocean+main garments are made from three sustainable sources:  upcycled fabric, fabric from sustainable mills, and artisan-produced fabrics ensuring the brand does not further tax Mother Earth’s limited resources.  Limited runs and numbered tags let you know exactly how many pieces were produced as well as the provenance of the fabric.  Zero plastic is used in either production or the shipping from

Ocean+Main was founded on the idea of doing things differently.  The apparel industry treats, dyes and prints millions of yards of fabric every year and what isn’t used in production gets sold off or most often thrown out.  On a trip to a warehouse filled with unused fabric, a path for ‘better way’ became clear. One caftan became two, then five, and ocean+main became a way to produce beautiful, luxurious pieces mindfully.



Ocean + Main has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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