Ocean + Main

Inspired by the ocean, Ocean+Main crafts planet-friendly caftans that are locally made on Main Street in Los Angeles. Absolutely zero water is used in the production of their limited-edition styles, for a fashion-forward way to help save our seas.

Founder Mary Price is a self-confessed lover of caftans, travel and the ocean.

As a child in Hawaii, she would watch her Mother and her friends float effortlessly across the lanai; exotic, free, and happy in their flowing caftans. As an adult, the caftan remained a perpetual source of inspiration with its hint of bohemia and laissez-faire grace. A version of the caftan has spoken to every climate, every culture, and every period in history, so she could always find a version to inspire her.
Protecting the ocean and all things natural is their raison d’etre. Each year the garment industry prints, dyes and treats millions of yards of fabric and what isn’t used in production gets sold off. Using only these up-cycled fabrics means the brand isn’t further taxing Mother Earth’s limited resources, while a limited run and numbered tags ensures you know exactly how many were produced and the provenance of the fabric.



Ocean + Main has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

Want to learn more? Click on the interactive Butterfly Mark on your left and scroll through each Positive Action to read a short description of the brands efforts and achievements as verified by Positive Luxury. You will also be able to find the interactive Butterfly Mark online on the brands website, retailer and partner sites.

All their garments are made in Los Angeles, supporting local artisans and keeping production at home in the USA.

“It was in Los Angeles that I found my tribe, other ocean lovers and caftan lovers who encouraged me to make my own. On a trip to a warehouse filled with unused fabric, a path for ‘better way’ became clearer. One caftan became two, then five, and Ocean+Main became a way to do things differently – to be more mindful of our production practices and mindful of those who make our clothes…”

Ocean+Main Sunny and Cher

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