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Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader pioneered fine jewellery for everyday wear, designed by women for women. Because Luxury is a feeling no longer defined by expense or exclusivity, but by expression and exceptional quality.

Founded in 2008, Monica Vinader innovated a new category between fashion and fine jewellery using gold vermeil to create beautiful and affordable pieces every woman could buy herself and style her own way. Today the brand is beloved across the world for its timeless, ethical designs and the honesty of materials and craftsman behind them.

Monica Vinader takes a holistic view of sustainability. From using 100% recycled gold and sterling silver in its jewellery, to working exclusively with Responsible Jewellery Council-certified workshops and giving back to communities across the world, the brand is founded on the principle of caring about people and the planet.

Monica Vinader has made meaningful progress against their sustainability goals, whilst setting ambitious but achievable short and long-term objectives.



Monica Vinader has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment


Responsible Sourcing and Transparency

Responsible sourcing is integral to Monica Vinader and they are committed to sourcing materials that do not negatively impact wildlife or communities. They are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which demonstrates their commitment to ethical and environmental practices in a transparent manner, from the mine to shop floor and they exclusively work with suppliers who also hold the RJC certification.

Monica Vinader only uses recycled gold and sterling silver in order to ensure emissions are limited. In addition, all diamonds are sourced from suppliers who are members of the Kimberley Process Scheme that ensure diamonds are conflict-free.

Monica Vinader ensures their supply chain is routinely monitored and robust codes of conduct are in place across their operations. Regular audits are conducted with partner factories in order for their performance to be measured against targets. Monica Vinader’s sustainability progress is reported weekly to the entire company, ensuring all employees are fully integrated into their sustainability strategy and journey.

Conscious Design and Packaging

Conscious design lies at the heart of Monica Vinader. All jewellery pieces incorporate thoughtful innovation without compromising on quality and are made to last. Each piece holds a 5 year warranty, which includes a commitment from Monica Vinader to repair or replace any damaged items, increasing longevity and reducing waste.

Monica Vinader measures the use of single-use plastics within their packaging and is committed to only using plastic that is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. A ‘plastic audit’ has recently been conducted across their operations to identify where plastics can be avoided or replaced by more sustainable alternatives. They are currently transitioning to new consumer packaging where all boxes and bags will be recycled, recyclable and use 100% FSC paper.

Monica Vinader Portrait
Employee and Community Investment

Monica Vinader is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees within the workplace and 100% of their workforce is put through unconscious bias training. In addition, they have a progressive diversity and inclusion policy and are committed to working with female-led businesses within their supply chain that ensure fair pay and safe working conditions.

Having a positive impact on the communities they operate in is very important to the brand and they work closely with the social causes relating to their manufacturing footprint. A long-term partnership has been formed with the Jagriti Foundation based in India, which has enabled the enrolment of 90 children from impoverished backgrounds into school for a year. They have also sponsored over 275 vulnerable women through year-long educational programmes as part of their partnership with Women for Women International.

Reducing Waste

Monica Vinader strives to reduce waste where possible and educate their suppliers to recycle scrap materials. Through its Jewellery Recycling Programme, the brand encourages customers to submit any items of old jewellery to be recycled appropriately.

Using pave diamonds, Monica Vinader can ensure that smaller diamonds can and will be used to create jewellery where they otherwise might be disposed of. All scrap metals throughout the production process are reused and go back through Monica Vinader’s suppliers refining process, encouraging a circular model for materials.

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