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Clase Azul

Clase Azul encapsulates the “buena vibra” of Mexican culture in its unique and handmade tequila bottles. The brand’s vision revolves around passion and happiness and invites you to sip away the ordinary through flavour, art and culture.

In 1997, the brand set off on a journey to craft a high quality product with unique packaging and the goal to initiate and reinforce a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Mexico and its traditions.

The Clase Azul superior tequila is crafted from agave that takes over a decade to mature; a process which gives this liquor its complex and characterful flavours. In the small Mexican town of Santa Maria Canchesda, over 160 artisans translate their values and savoir-faire into each and every hand-sculpted and hand-painted bottle.

As a purpose-driven company, Clase Azul strives to preserve the environment and cultural heritage (“preserve the core”) as well as empower human growth (“stimulate progress”). This sense of balance is equally reflected in the brand’s support of family life and physical activity for its employees and the local community.

The brands recognises the power of education to enhance personal and professional growth, and supports initiatives to preserve and encourage talent – from local artisans to students with low economic resources.


Clase Azul has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Clase Azul tequila is created using only 100% organic Tequilana Weber Blue agaves – the only kind of agave out of 200 varieties that produces tequila. Once harvested, the agaves are cooked in old-fashioned brick ovens for 72 hours.

Clase Azul aims to select and hire new experienced talent with best practices related to sustainability, recently incorporating an agronomic engineer with experience on best practices on agave fields. The company has a solid purpose on having talented, conscious and responsible collaborators as it will continue expanding its value chain and transmitting a sustainable culture through the different business units.

With a focal point on continuous improvement, Clase Azul strives to have the best practices within the food and beverage industry, which is certified by the quality standards in production, packaging and distribution that the brand achieved.

Each bottle is made with high-quality white ceramic and then hand painted by artisans. The decanter is so beautiful that once the tequila is gone, the brand invites its customers to upcycle their empty Clase Azul bottle and proposes many DIY ideas on its website.


The brand takes steps to reduce paper waste, by packaging from recycled materials.


Clase Azul is currently working with suppliers to ensure their products are made from recycled materials and are in line with the circular economy principles. Clase Azul has eliminated the use of plastic bottles for internal consumption and is aiming to make it effective for all its factories.



Clase Azul works with certified providers for environmentally-friendly alternatives in removing waste from the factories. The brand is aiming to get a full scope on the waste produced by the company at all levels.


The brand buys innovative, energy-efficient ovens used for ceramic cooking. Clase Azul strive to develop qualified professionals to investigate new efficient processes for ceramic producing,


Clase Azul has policies in place related to impartiality, equal opportunities, growth opportunities as well as health and safety, wage and benefits and working hours. Furthermore, the brand has worked hard to become one of the best and most inclusive companies to work for in Mexico.


Clase Azul has united with IED Istituto Europeo Di Design and offers educational experience and materials to students. This recent collaboration with IED aims at generating ideas related to upcycling, thereby encouraging consumers to preserve the environment once the decanter is empty.

The luxury brand also supports the education and development of its employees by granting scholarships; a good number of employees have, since then, been promoted and extended their career development.


Each bottle is made with high-quality white ceramic and then hand painted by artisans. The decanter is so beautiful that once the tequila is gone, that the brand invites its customers to upcycle their empty Clase Azul bottle and proposes many DIY ideas on its website.



“Con Causa Azul” Fundación is a philanthropic project dedicated to reinforcing artisanal activities, given the fact that the artisanal sector is one of the most vulnerable and unprotected in Mexico. The brand supports artisanal communities by providing training, education, resources and guidance with the goal of keeping their cultural heritage alive and thriving.

Through the sales of a special edition of Clase Azul Reposado (in a pink bottle), the brand joined the fight against breast cancer and funds a Mexican organisation that supports 100,000 women per year – by providing education, diagnostics, denture treatment and emotional support.

Clase Azul also founded a daycare center named Huitzil Colibri that supports employees who have young children and ensures that these children are kept in a safe and regulated environment where they receive the necessary care. Moreover, the daycare is open to the community local to the factory in Santa María Canchesda. As the only daycare in the region, offering education, nutrition and secure conditions Huitzil Colibri supports the Mazahua indigenous community.

Clase Azul also recognises the importance of education and supports the INROADS programme dedicated to nurturing talent among university students with low economic resources. The brand provides students with the opportunity to follow an internship, with a possibility of being hired as full-time employee once the programme is completed.

Lastly, the brand’s emphasis on people’s well-being is illustrated by its acquisition of a third division soccer team, in the very city where the brand’s owner, Arturo Lomeli, found inspiration to create the first Clase Azul product in 1997. Through this project, the brand hopes to give an opportunity to young people to choose professional football as a way of life.


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