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Calleija is a jeweller specialising in bespoke pieces. They fuse responsibly sourced Australian Argyle pink diamonds, white diamonds and coloured gemstones with their revered talent for design.

Calleija was founded on a commitment to craftsmanship, as they blend traditional techniques with contemporary design. The brand is best known for their use of Argyle pink diamonds, which are also certified with the Butterfly Mark. Calleija assure that each certified diamond is as ethically sound as it is beautiful and rare.

The company also operate as one of the very few Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers™. Calleija treats each of their creations as a work of art, made to be treasured for generations to come. This ethos, promoting longevity and meaningful consumption, is echoed across the whole business in their dedication to being holistically responsible.

Calleija is constantly striving to further their positive impact on people and the planet, which they demonstrate in a number of ways, from their commitment to 100% recyclable packaging to offering a re-modelling service, as well as having a robust code of conduct in place with their suppliers. Calleija recognise that a commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey and continually reviews processes and explores new ways to innovate within the jewellery industry.



Calleija has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Callejia are dedicated to giving back to the community, as demonstrated by their investment in local charities linked to health, wildlife and the arts. Their donation to the Gallipoli Medical Research foundation has supported vital research into PTSD while their support of the arts helps young ballet students follow their career aspirations.


All of Callejia’s packing is fully recyclable and, where possible, key elements are FSC certified. The brand has also removed all single-use plastic from its packing systems.


Ten per cent of the gold that Callejia uses is recycled, which they achieve through upcycling clients’ pre-existing jewellery pieces. As a member of the No Dirty Gold alliance, Calleija helps to protect human rights and the environment through the process of gold mining and is dedicated to sourcing gold responsibly. The brand also only sources diamonds that are subject to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Callejia has a robust code of conduct in place with their suppliers and audits them personally, covering areas such as forced labour, working hours and health and safety.

Calleija constantly look to innovate through their redesign programme. They are able to remodel any piece of jewellery and also offer a repair service for all clients. In addition to this, their trade-back policy allows clients to return items and upgrade to a new piece. The original item is then recycled so the process produces as little waste as possible.
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