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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Innovation

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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Innovation

We kicked off our new webinar series, The Power Series, in March. Yesterday, our episode, called The Power of New Innovation, went live with insight from three amazing thought leaders. One of the key characteristics of a sustainable business is innovation. In this webinar, our panel including Founder and CEO of Globechain, May Al-Karooni; Founder and CEO of Delta Global, Robert Lockyer and; Founder of UNA, Martin Milesi, will discuss the benefit of continuously innovating, and how it can ensure a brighter future for a brand.

The discussion was lead by questions from Positive Luxury CEO and Co-founder, Diana Verde Nieto. Diana began by asking Robert Lockyer, how he would reconcile sustainable packaging with luxury?

“It’s almost a paradox. One of our key strange is reduction” Robert answered “We have to think about what we are using and why we are using it, we constantly have to innovate.”

Diana then followed up asking Founder of UNA, Martin Milesi to share about his story and also about how the food industry is preparing to get out of lockdown.

“Una is a very unique and disruptive concept, we transform a traditional restaurant into something different.” Martin said “We create a gastronomique experience around one unique table. We are disruptive because we have a team working exclusively for one person, we only open by request. We are very sustainable as we create uniquely for those 12 people. We like to inspire people, we believe that Chefs have to be entrepreneurs. We like to make people happy. It’s a dream coming true.

May Al-Karooni followed the conversation discussing Globechain and her background “I actually bootstrapped it for 4 years. There was nothing really to connect these companies together. (…) Over the years, it just grow to be a nice monster with sustainability at its forefront.”

Diana then asked the panellist what they would expect to be new normal and what changes that we are seing now will stay or not.

“There is a lot of focus on health, wellbeing, ethics”May followed “My theory is foundation of all these companies in the retail space – it’s a great way to bring innovation.”

“We are really starting to see that differentiation that brands are understand that online space is important and should be personalised.” Robert  added “You can really seeThere is a real differential between the brands that want to do it well and the brands that just want to rip it.It’s understanding that we cant go back to where it was, we have to embrace the new normal.”

Martin had a similar answer “I think at the end of the year people will go back to delivery service and it’s important for restaurants to develop new concepts to stay close to their clients. Fine dining at home is something that will happen is the new future.”

Positive Luxury’s CEO then continued the webinars by asking the panellists about their advice into keep innovating for their own companies but also other businesses.

Next, Diana asked the panelist What would be your advice into keep innovating “For me it’s about asking the right question and understanding the market.  May added. “Its going to be about trust and transparency. And be more agile”.
Martin added “We must take care of the time we use to be creative and to innovate. Time is mandatory for creativity and innovation.”

Before moving on to the Q&A, a poll was offered to all the attendees and questions were answered live. For more from each of our amazing panellists, including advice and the Q&A responses, watch the entire webinar by clicking on the button below. Then, register for the next episode in the webinar series on Thursday, 2nd June, The Power of Luxury Conscious Model.


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Written by - Maegan Rocca

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