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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Positive Attitude

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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Positive Attitude

We kicked off our new webinar series, The Power Series, in March. Yesterday, our tenth episode, called The Power of Positive Attitude, went live with insight from three amazing thought leaders. Lisa Snowdon, radio and TV presenter, and ambassador for Breast Cancer Care and The Meningitis Trust; Susie Rodgers MBE, Paralympic athlete and Ocean Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society; and Adam Shulman, co-founder and co-designer of James Banks Design, film producer on Song One, and co-founder of Somewhere Pictures discussed the benefit of maintaining a positive attitude, the challenges that come with that, and how to cope with failure.

As usual, the discussion was lead by questions from Positive Luxury CEO and Co-founder, Diana Verde Nieto. Diana began by asking each panellist what it takes to maintain a positive attitude.

“For me, it’s about that connection with people, and I need love, and I need routine. Especially now,” said Lisa. “And I also need to be connected to myself. Whether it’s getting on my mat in the morning, doing some meditation, breathing, or movement, I’m able to handle stuff that comes my way if I’m grounded and connected. I need to have that grounding and that stability within myself.”

Adam had a similar answer, and explained the love-fuelled inspiration behind his jewellery brand. “James Banks is a total love story, and  it was not something I expected to do at all,” he said. “My girlfriend, now wife, said something that inspired me, and I made pieces for her. Then I learned that my grandfather used to do the same thing for my grandmother when they were together.”

Next, Diana asked the panelists what it take to keep their focus and the strength. In terms of sport, what it takes to win gold is a lot of hard work, and it’s basically sacrificing all of your life to the pursuit of this one goal,” said Susie. “But you also have to be able to cope with the pain. I remember some of my hardest training sessions at the pool, and jumping into the cold pool, and now I look back and think what on earth was I doing? There is some kind of drive in you and it spurs you on because there’s that will that you can achieve something. I can’t even put in to words the feeling, it’s the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had.”

Before moving on to the Q&A, Diana, Lisa, Susie and Adam discussed dealing with rejection and failure, and finding the strength to be positive. For more from each of our amazing panellists, including advice and the Q&A responses, watch the entire webinar by clicking on the button below. Then, register for the next episode in the webinar series on Thursday, 4th June, The Power of New Beginnings.


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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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