Our Story

Diana Verde Nieto, Young Global Leader – World Economic Forum and named Luxury Women to Watch in 2016, and Karen Hanton MBE, founder of toptable.com and named in the top 50 most inspiring women in tech, in Europe 2015, came together to create a legacy business that would help brands communicate their commitment to social good and environmental responsibility, and allow consumers to instantly recognise those brands they can trust.

Our ambition is to mobilize 2.5 billion wealthy consumers to buy better from brands that are doing better.

The trailblazing entrepreneurs combined their experience and knowledge to use technology to demystify sustainability and positively communicate a brands’ action directly to the consumer.

The company awards the Butterfly Mark, a unique interactive trust mark, to luxury lifestyle brands in recognition of their commitment to having a positive impact on people and the planet, providing wordless reassurance that a brand can be trusted.

When you buy online you can find the Butterfly Mark next to your favourite luxury products, or simply look here and if you don’t find it, ask why?

Our Story
Our Story - Part 2

The butterfly was chosen to represent our company’s values and purpose following Diana hearing the fascinating story of the Large British Blue Butterfly, which Sir David Attenborough shared with her when she had the honour of presenting him with his Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

The Large Blue Butterfly was extinct in Britain in 1979 but was brought back to the natural world thanks to the dedication of a multitude of organisations and individuals. Today, the resuscitation of the Large Blue Butterfly is known as the most successful insect reintroduction in the world to date. Sir David Attenborough said: "The restoration of the Large Blue Butterfly to Britain is a remarkable success story, illustrating the power of ecological research to reverse damaging environmental changes”.

The moral of the story is that the instant we put our minds together, we can reverse the negative impact each one of us can have on our planet’s resources. It’s the butterfly effect, one small change in one state can result in large differences in a later state.

The Butterfly Mark represents those companies that work towards ensuring a positive future, no matter how impossible it might sometimes seem.