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Impact and Commitment

Impact and Commitment


SKIIM has corporate policies that promote social sustainability, focused on human rights, diversity, health and safety and equal pay. Their ethical audits help keep the company free from harassment, discrimination and abuse. SKIIM holds their suppliers and factories accountable for these actions, as well. They also have employment contracts help ensure that any issues team members are having are promptly dealt with. SKIIM has a well-being strategy that incorporates positive body image and mental health, and this extends to protect the models they work with, too.


SKIIM uses compostable packaging where possible, as well as reusable packaging materials, and they employ a sound shipping and distribution process. When the factories they work with use plastic sleeves to protect their leather, they reuse that plastic and then send it back to the factory. SKIIM is also looking into suppliers that use 100% compostable plastic packaging for garments while they are in transit.
The brand uses recycled paper products, boxes, fillers and tapes, and they reuse packaging to prolong its life. SKIIM also implemented a return policy that requests customers to return unwanted items in the same box they were sent in. All orders are consolidated and delivered in garment bags for customers in London to reduce excess packaging. All marketing materials are made of recycled, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified materials.

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SKIIM is working to reduce their carbon footprint where possible, consolidating deliveries, and trying to keep the sourcing of raw materials local based on the locations of their factories. They consolidated their warehouse and offices to be in one location rather than three this year, as well. They are also taking steps to reduce their energy use, including things like shutting electronics down at the end of the day, minimising printing, using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products, eliminating plastic bottles and providing safe and healthy working conditions.
SKIIM uses their own dead stock and intend on creating more products that will ensure that these materials don’t get wasted. They are looking for a company who can recycle their unusable scraps. SKIIM is in a position to create a made-to-order service to produce smaller production lines which will help prevent wasteful over-production. In addition to local council mix recycling, they currently collect fabric scraps for recycling and reuse all packaging as long as it is possible.


SKIIM is committed to Sustainable Development Goal 1, focused on ending poverty; Goal 2, ending hunger and promoting sustainable agriculture; Goal 3, ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being; Goal 4 ensuring quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all; Goal 5, achieving gender equality; Goal 8, promoting sustained economic growth and full and productive employment for all; Goal 9, building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation; Goal 10, reducing inequality; Goal 12, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns; and Goal 16, promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

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SKIIM support charities like Lady Garden, Drive The Change Charity, and Strawberry Fields. The brand created a SKIIM Babe tee for International Women’s Day awareness, and through the Africa Foundation, their directors are involved in building a school in Africa. SKIIM are sourcing fabrics with help from the Sustainable Angle Studio, and making the sustainably-sourced leather section of Premier Vision a go-to biannually.


SKIIM designs for longevity, and they have a preference for natural materials whenever possible. They send leather quality sheets to their suppliers with questions about the provenance of the material. They are committed to using organic, Fair Trade and sustainable fabrics only, and they have begun this journey by sourcing only from suppliers recommended by the Sustainable Angle.
SKIIM is also working with suppliers to eliminate hazardous substances, and their animal welfare policy covers both their suppliers and subcontractors. The wool they use is verified by both Woolmark Certification and The Responsible Wool Standard. SKIIM’s leather is sourced from tanneries with Leather Working Group status. They use recycled and reclaimed textiles in their collections, as well.
SKIIM has an in-house repair service for their leather pieces, and they up-cycle deadstock into new garment and smaller goods. Scrap materials and offcuts are never thrown away.
More than 60% of their raw materials are traced, and they are gathering information regarding environmentally friendly practices via Common Objective, Fashion Revolution, PV Sustainable innovations, their competitors with a strong sustainable ethos, as well as industry talks.

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