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The Social Innovator of the Year category rewards organisations within the luxury space that have shown strong social leadership and that operate as a force for good – driving social change and making the luxury world a more equitable place.

“I am thrilled the judging panel admired the depth and breadth of Original Beans’ social commitments, interwoven in their mission to become a fully regenerative business. Their well-documented 12 solutions are inspiring commitments and activities, carefully measured and transparently reported, which provide vital support to indigenous tribes and local farmers in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. The problems they are working to address can feel huge and beyond our individual control, but Original Beans’ efforts and impact are convincingly authentic, tangible and refreshingly personal. This is a highly accountable business, caring for its stakeholders in very meaningful ways. As their innovative Chocolate Food Print will show you, it is worth each of us paying a small premium to consume chocolate grown in this different and better way.”

– Amy Nelson-Bennett, Co-CEO Positive Luxury

Bav Tailor
Focus on Women
Neri Karra
Original Beans

Omoyemi Akerele
Maxine Bedat
Susan McPherson


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