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Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury
Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury
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Anya Hindmarch is known for its combination of high-quality production and creativity, and often launches campaigns that have a strong and meaningful message. Modern craftsmanship and personalisation are a vital part of the brand’s essence.


Founded in London in 1987, Anya Hindmarch is now a global brand. Through the past three decades, the brand has continued to imbue each piece with creativity, and an ongoing passion to share its story. Anya Hindmarch’s most memorable creative moments include being the first accessories designer to have on-schedule show during London Fashion Week; hosting shows in a space-age Amphitheatre; and a campaign based on a love letter to London with 24 giant heart-shaped helium balloons scattered across the city. Personalisation is also a cornerstone of Anya Hindmarch, with three shops in London that allow customers to draw or write messages that are then embossed onto their leather pieces. Previously, the brand launched their Sticker Shop, an opportunity for customers to create their own artwork with leather stickers. In 2017, the brand debuted the Anya Smells fragrance collection with the aim to recreate classic, everyday scents using some of the finest ingredients. For their latest initiative, Anya Hindmarch is launching a new campaign and collection in February 2020, aiming to raise awareness and tackle the rampant issue of single-use plastic. The capsule collection, called I Am A Plastic Bag, will use fabrics created from recycled materials. It has taken more than two years to develop the I Am A Plastic Bag collection, but the journey started over ten years ago when the brand launched the collection’s predecessor: I’m Not A Plastic Bag. The I’m Not A Plastic Bag tote was designed by Anya in 2007 as part of a collaborative project with Antidote and global social change movement We Are What We Do (now known as Shift). After thousands of people queued to purchase the tote from Sainsbury’s, the project garnered huge press coverage globally, ignited the debate around the use of plastic bags and contributed to the eventual decision to charge for plastic bags in the UK.

Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury





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Since 2007 – when we created the ‘I’m Not a Plastic Bag’ project – Anya Hindmarch has leveraged the impact and platform that the fashion industry provides to deliver the message of responsible actions and behaviour. We are constantly looking at the best way of doing things in each area of our business, from supply chain and materials to our team and charitable endeavours



Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury

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Anya Hindmarch’s code of conduct includes corporate policies that support anti-corruption, human rights, labour, equal opportunities, diversity, and health and safety. Their ethical audits include topics like harassment, wages and benefits and overtime. They audit their factories on a regular basis to comply with their audits. The brand also has a policy in place to ensure that models are cared for and protected.

Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury

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Anya Hindmarch currently uses recyclable poly bags, but they are removing those bags from their products and are in the process of switching to FSC-certified carton paper. They are reducing the amount of packaging they use, as well, and moving to soy-based inks. For online orders, the brand plans to go paperless, emailing invoices and return instructions. Their carrier bags are completely recyclable, and they are working to have them made with FSC-certified paper and paper handles. All of their marketing materials are made of recycled materials.

Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury

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Anya Hindmarch’s textiles are certified by Oeko-Tex, Global Organic Textile Standard and Global Recycle Standard. By the end of 2020, Anya Hindmarch aims to have all of their leather suppliers in their supply chain belonging to the Leather Working Group.

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Anya Hindmarch is always looking at recycled materials to replace their virgin materials. They are currently working with recycled nylon, recycled canvas, recycled satin, recycled lining and recycled sequins. They have replaced PVC with TVU, and they are looking at both vegan leather and recycled leather. Anya Hindmarch is working to reduce their waste and eliminate hazardous substances from their supply chain. They regularly update their vehicles with the most modern technology and comply with the latest ULEZ regulations. For external transports, they are optimising the shipments of finished products, which could mean consolidating shipments or choosing the least impactful shipping mechanism. The brand is also compliant with Goal 12 within the Sustainable Development Goals, which dictates responsible consumption and production patterns.

Anya Hindmarch Positive Luxury


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