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Work from Home view sunset Santicler

Since so many of us are in a new new work from home routine, you might be feeling a bit isolated. We reached out to the amazing people who founded and run the brands in the Positive Luxury community to get a glimpse of their current work from home situations, whether it’s their workstations or the view from their windows. Scroll to see the images and read their thoughts on what they’re grateful for right now.

Mateja Benedetti, Founder of Benedetti Life

“I am just grateful that in fact it is not so difficult a time for me and for those who have the privilege to see a blue sky, a sun, and some days, even snow. If I can be in a safe home with my cat, learning and teaching through the internet, communicating with people and having food. All that I do is reflected in my working space. I have lots of books and fashion magazines. I stay focused on what I will do, not on what is happening now. And I am finding ways to laugh.”

Anissa Joonas, Editor in Chief of The Lux Collective

“Being forced to sit still has allowed for moments of self reflection. That’s a good thing for the soul. As for the view… well, being so close to nature and the sea is inherently grounding. There’s always a silver lining, a glimmer of hope. So yes, I am hopeful.”

Felicienne Bloemers, Founder of YiY

“My view on the Koepelkerk in the centre of Amsterdam symbolises resilience and a ‘being in silence’ for me. Built in 1668 and figurative in a painting by Van Goghm it withstands the test of time and is just a beautiful view.”

Bea Sanz-Corella, Founder of Kmana

“I keep pictures of the makers, travellers, explorers and shakers that inspire my work and who have inspired Kmana. Maya Angelou, Bruce Chatwin, Lady Hester Stanhope, Richard Burton. They all, in one way or another,  believed in something greater than themselves, a vision, a cause, a belief. More than ever, in these unprecedented times we are living, we need such determination, to give our best, to be better.”

Tanith Swinford, Creative Director at Jota Kena

“Being surrounded by nature in this time has been a true gift and one that we’re not taking for granted. Looking out at the mountain behind our family home in Cape Town has served, in particular, as a good reminder to look up and daydream, something that to us is essential when it comes to creativity and fostering hope in our hearts.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder of Lisa Franklin

“I personally connected with Rose Quartz from an early age for its beautifully soft pink hue and healing properties. I certainly felt the love. I find it brings me an immediate sense of peace and calm, and during this unprecedented time for everyone, Rose Quartz offers a reassuring reminder for us all to focus on positive new ways to harmonise our daily lives.”

Benedicte Foucart, Founder of Valeur Absolue

“I am lucky to be able from time to time to work from a place in the mountain, with this majestic view. It brings me peace and connects me with nature at a different level. It brings humility and confidence. I worked from here the last two days as I needed to escape from the family’s noise and think quietly about how to live through what we experience today and transform it into a strength, for me personally and for our brand. The silence of the place and its majestic view helped me tremendously.”

Isabel Llorens, Founder and CEO of Rusticae

“On these days, I like to wake up before sunrise. I usually open my window and slowly inhale and exhale. Then I brew a nice cuppa and drink it unhurriedly while I think about the tasks I have to do before starting the round of video calls with my team. Here in Spain, every evening at around 8 p.m., we applaud the health workers, cleaners, police officers who protect us during this crisis from our balconies and windows. It is also an opportunity to greet the closest neighbours and strengthen ties. I am sure that we will come out of these hard days more united than before.”

Fleur Turner, Founder and Creative Director of Fleur of England

“I love my view as I can see spring unfolding before my eyes with my Acer tree budding and birds in the garden. The best part though is I get to watch my children playing on their trampoline. I share my desk with my youngest son, Ernest. He is only nine so needs quite a bit of support but we work beside each other. We have plants around our desk and on our desk, and I love borrowing his colouring pencils. I feel very blessed we are all well, safe and have food in the freezer.”

Sara Griffiths, The Universal Soul Company

“We are not ‘stuck’ at home, we are ‘safe’ at home. Amazing how one word, and then thought, can change our whole experience of a situation, as can our senses. I love the scent of our Soul Mist ‘STILL’  – it’s always on my desk – and both comforting and grounding at this time. At night, I light the candle version, and feel transported to a haven of peace and calm.”

Elisa Pantazopoulos, Founder of ELI-O

“I feel very grateful for my workshop, for having a place to escape. Working with my hands has been so beneficial these days. I find myself in a meditative state while creating, bringing calmness to my body and mind. I invite you to try it. It could be writing, modelling clay, knitting, painting, sculpting, sewing, gardening. You will get a huge sense of pleasure and relief from doing something with your hands.”

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, Founder of Balance Holidays

“Every morning before starting the day I look through this window and make a wish. We all need something to look forward to as, without dreams, we would stop living. I also see the beauty and I feel immensely fortunate to be Italian and to be able to share the essence of our culture through our wellbeing retreat programmes. Now, or later, it doesn’t matter.”

The team at Iota

“Imagine five women together in a studio, practicing social distancing. Add lots of colourful, bespoke Iota yarn and a desire to respond to this new situation and what you’ll get is a form of escapism; calming DIY crochet kits. Developing the new kits and seeing people receive and enjoy them have helped us stay stable and positive.”

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder and CEO of Santicler

“Looking at the expanse of the ocean and the incredible deep blue of the sky fills me with hope that this experience may teach us to live more thoughtfully, learn to appreciate nature and its wonders once again and regard freedom through a new lens, one that requires us not only to protect our physical borders and our democratic principles but also the environment and the ecosystems we live in.”

Francesco Spiezia, Lab Executive at Inlight Beauty

“Our energy and thoughts go into the products we create. The space we have created here amplifies that energy and boosts positivity, entering the lab is like setting foot in a sanctuary or monastery. We love working with raw organic ingredients, each has its own invigorating aroma, perfect to soothe and calm the mind, naturally.”


Tessa Gerlach, Co-founder of Elephant Gin

“The view from my window lets me wonder how many people are staring back at me through their own windows across the street. Despite the seemingly people-less world out there, people matter more now than before. The crisis reveals a true ‘togetherness’ even though we are physically apart. This strange new reality makes us redefine values. It allows us to think creatively and rethink old structures and norms. There are new ideas popping up everywhere offering solutions as to how to make life at home more comfortable and restaurant food more available. People create music with their neighbours on their balconies and respectfully run errands for those in need. The view from my window lets me see new possibilities, and we’re ready to set off on new adventures to unknown destinations as we all navigate through these strange seas.”

Kiron Barui, Founder of Wearing Memories

“At the beginning of the year here in Australia we were in a drought and were looking at the landscape and everything was brown, dry and depressing. This quickly changed to those vast landscapes of dry ground cover lighting up the skies with divesting bushfires that destroyed people’s homes and communities, and many lives were lost. The absolute grief also felt by all Australians to see our beloved wildlife dying in such agony was becoming unbearable. Suddenly it began to rain and relief was in site. However, not long after that, COVID-19 cases were being heard and we were restricted to our homes. I look out at my view everyday and have noticed how beautifully green my trees and the landscape are looking. It as also been a great time for me to remember all my beautiful champagne memories by looking at the back of all the caps I have collected over the past 10 years.”

Almira Armstrong, Founder of LUMIRA

“At present I am in Sydney and staying at our home in Wagstaffe, a small town two hours out of the city. Every morning I wake to the sunrise over the water.  There is something so special about waking to the sound of the birds and nature. I watch how resilient nature is and know that we will all get through this together. I’ve really adapted to the concept of hot-desking, working between my office in Sydney, (until recently) my new home in Los Angeles and the travel associated with running LUMIRA. I’m generally quite an organised and neat person so I prefer a pared back space with a computer, phone and fragrance close at hand. Obviously, I believe in the evocative and transportive power of fragrances, so that always helps me remain task focused.”

Amy Christiansen, Founder of Sana Jardin

“This is the view from my bedroom window. I have been looking at this beautiful and luminescent church for 13 years and during times of uncertainty and pain, I have felt very blessed to be able to stare at it and ask for comfort and relief. The warmth and beauty of the church never fails me. It is a constant in my life that helps me to have faith that there is a higher power. In the time of the coronavirus, it remains an anchor for me. But now the skies around it are bluer and the sun has been radiating around it.”

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