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Created for women, by women, La Perla Beauty is dedicated to empowering confidence and being the ultimate beauty partner. Inspired by its rich heritage in lingerie, La Perla Beauty is committed to ensuring a high level of craftsmanship paired with luxurious ingredients and materials in everything it creates.


Since it’s creation in 2019 La Perla Beauty has pursued a fundamental manifesto based on all aspects of sustainability to include safety and social and environmental responsibility. They are an high end luxury cosmetic and fragrance company and at all stages of product development and marketing they assess their products, ingredients, packaging and supply chain for sustainability. With only a few exceptions refills are offered for their products and all packaging material is recyclable. Most of their secondary packaging consist of fully recycled paper and all cartons used are FSC certified. Plastic used for their fragrance caps include around 25% biomass. All of their suppliers adhere to their strict code of conduct and they work closely with third parties to assess their impact on the environment. They believe that transparency is essential and provide detailed information on ingredients and processes to the consumer. Embodied in their maxim, “Confidence is Beautiful,” they are confident that their products and supply chain are wholly sustainable.

La Perla Positive Luxury




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In the short time that La Perla Beauty has existed I am proud to say that we have faithfully pursued our commitment to clean and sustainable products and systems. As our products roll out globally we will continue to pursue the strict goals that we have set for ourselves and suppliers. By quantifying our efforts we will be increasingly able to gauge and improve our progress in sustainability.




As a new company the assessment required for LPB to achieve the Butterfly accreditation has been invaluable. We have looked closely at our commitment to clean and sustainable products and systems. Where available we have provided existing documentation and where none existed we have developed policies and support for continued and future assessment . We have worked closely with our third party suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that they meet the same high standards that we require of ourselves. Our code of conduct has been accepted by all of our suppliers. The LPB HR team has produced an exhaustive manual which besides the basic employment terms covers our requirements for equality and social responsibility.



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Since its very beginning, La Perla Beauty has been weaving luxury and sustainability to offer a full range of haute parfumerie fragrances, indulgent and efficient body care and a carefully curated collection of high-end make up products formulated to be respectful of the skin while delivering perfect results. This objective has been integrated right from the creative moments, from conscious design to ethical manufacturing and nearshoring (products are made in France and Italy) to achieve a product collection that is refillable, recyclable as well as luxurious with meticulously curated ingredients. Over 75% of finished products are recyclable, consisting of natural and safe synthetic ingredients which are sourced according to robust and contractual sustainability criteria. La Perla Beauty tracks its specific product formulations and packaging materials to determine the extent to which finished products can be recycled and/or composted, and whether they are biodegradable and/or refillable. In 2022-2023, the percentage of both refillable glass and metal aluminium reached 90% of the total. For glass material, this represented an increase of over 12% from the previous two-year period. In addition, reusable carton and plastics constitute 64% and 58%, respectively, of the total volume of each material.

La Perla Positive Luxury

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La Perla Beauty diligently tracks all its packaging materials including the weight and the percentage of recyclability, which attains 100% for four dozen of the company’s products. By Q2 2024, some of the company’s collections’ rigid plastic packaging material will be switched to a mono recyclable polypropylene. By the end of next year, all paper and carton are expected to be 100% recyclable, with one sustainable material used for carton packaging. Meanwhile, all flexible plastic materials being used for labels are set to draw on 100% recyclable bio-sourced material. The ongoing sustainability targeting and sourcing for glass material, which represents the largest proportion of company material usage, are also being implemented. The objective is to achieve a substantial increase of recyclability next year by at least two- to three-fold depending on the product line. By the last quarter of 2024, the entire upcycling of body care product packaging will further eliminate waste.

La Perla Positive Luxury

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La Perla Beauty is unwavering in its commitment to introducing new products to the market only when they meet or exceed its current standards of sustainability. La Perla Beauty products are manufactured with the utmost ethical consideration. Ingredients and packaging materials are unveiled transparently across the entire value chain up to the customers. No formula has ever been subjected to animal testing, and a rigorous restricted substance list is maintained in collaboration with our suppliers. The teams continuously scrutinize the most reputable industry sources to identify potentially harmful ingredients, even if they are widely recognized for their efficacy. With each novel product, the teams at La Perla Beauty embark on exhaustive research and exploration of packaging and sourcing alternatives to discern the most intelligent solution that combines the highest quality with the least environmental impact. The company works closely with its accredited suppliers to integrate environmental and social responsibility into the core business. Suppliers’ certifications in beauty and fragrance, range from COSMOS, ECOVADIS (La Perla Beauty has lately progressed form Bronze to Silver Medal thanks to its careful supplier selection) to ISO quality, environmental, energy, and occupational health and safety management systems, attest to La Perla Beauty’s commitments. Over half of the company’s R&D budget with its suppliers is channeled into sustainability innovation. The company-wide focus on creating innovative product ideas draws on technical insights, in-depth market and scientific studies, supplier engagement, and the development of competencies through regular training.

La Perla Positive Luxury

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Since its inception, La Perla Beauty's founders have firmly entrenched sustainability and ethical principles at the heart of their brand and operational ethos. These founding values are not just words but the very essence of their work. At the foundation of La Perla Beauty lies a platform that enunciates a steadfast commitment to responsibility, inclusivity, and profound respect for both humanity and the environment. These ideals are intricately interwoven with an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality, underscored by a transparent approach, where every La Perla Beauty ingredient i clearly disclosed on the brand website. Furthermore, the brand has crafted a comprehensive set of guiding principles that encompass every facet of its operations. These principles span across human resources, the supply chain (where suppliers are required to adhere to the La Perla Beauty code of conduct), commercial practices (such as the steadfast refusal to enter markets that necessitate animal testing), and marketing initiatives. Within the realm of marketing, creativity is perpetually stimulated, not only to repurpose existing assets but also to explore innovative, low-impact practices in the digital marketing sphere.


As their business and geographic presence expand, La Perla Beauty will maintain their commitment to sustainability. They have made a commitment through SME Climate Hub to align themselves with other small to medium sized companies: Halve their Greenhouse Gases by 2030; Achieve net zero emissions before 2050 and to disclose their progress on an annual basis. This comment is aligned with the United Nations Race to Zero joining governments, businesses, and universities around the world that share the same mission. As a key part of this commitment La Perla Beauty are engaging with third parties to establish a baseline carbon footprint and greenhouse gases and to disclose their progress on an annual basis. They will continue to monitor and adhere to local regulatory issues wherever they do business. La Perla Beauty are working proactively to understanding and react to any emerging issues particularly with respect to the ingredients that they use.



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