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Sonu and Eva Shivdasani’s passion for enriching lives while protecting nature’s precious resources pervades every aspect of this magical island. At the heart is Eco Centro, proving ground for the sustainable culture Soneva extols, where everything from the sun’s rays  – the island is part powered by solar panels  – to fallen timber and driftwood, which is re-used. Serious goals for sustainability do not repress Soneva Fushi’s sense of fun. They enhance it. The proximity to nature, the innate respect for the ocean’s wonders, 24/7 bare feet, all help to enhance a feeling of liberation and inner peace.

Pleasure goes hand in hand with respect for the planet. Lounging on the nets at Bar(a)bara sipping cocktails as dolphins scoot by in front of the setting sun is hedonism at its best. Snorkelling the house reef in the company of the resident marine biologist before enjoying a Kurumbaa Kaashi rub with coconut oil, milk and flesh harvested minutes earlier from a freshly fallen nut simply restores your long forgotten sense of wonder Soneva Fushi is committed to the Soneva Group’s SLOW LIFE philosophy: Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness-Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences.

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