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The pursuit of perfection is a compelling journey. It’s one that has taken Glenmorangie from its first baby steps in 1843 to being experts of the wood finish. Now under the stewardship of Louis Vuitton Moet-Hennessy, the brand continues to live up to its 170 year heritage. By buying up all the land surrounding their distillery Glenmorangie has guaranteed that the quality of their mineral rich water will never be compromised. Barley, their other key ingredient is always Scottish.

Thanks to its unconventional founder, William Matheson, they now have the tallest stills in Scotland, ensuring their distilled spirit is the lightest, purest and most elegant in the business. Around 60% of the distinct flavour of Glenmorangie actually comes from the casks in which their whisky matures. They go to extreme lengths to prepare casks for maturation; only oak of the highest quality is used to create a rounder, smoother whisky and Glenmorangie has spent over three decades researching wood production. The very best slow-growth American white oak trees are handpicked to make their casks.

Once chosen, the selected oak is air seasoned for at least two years before being skilfully crafted into casks. They are heavily toasted and then lightly charred to a precise specification, before being leased for use to producers of Bourbon or Tennessee whisky for up to four years, seasoning them and removing any harshness from the wood. Then, and only then, are the casks finally worthy of receiving the Glenmorangie beloved single malt whisky for maturation and of earning the title of a Glenmorangie ‘designer cask’.

Their original Glenmorangie single malt whiskey is rated 94/100 by Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible. The distillery itself has received awards from the International Wine and Spirit Competition, the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, the Icons of Whisky, the World Whisky Awards and the International Spirit Challenge. At the end of 2012 they were named Distiller of the Year by the IWSC.

Recently, Glenmorangie partnered with bicycle brand Renovo to create the first bicycle made from whisky casks.

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