Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat


The stilted bungalows of Las Veulas Blancas, alongside the beautiful Playa Grande Beach, provide the perfect location to reconnect with tribe, nature and self in this 7-day wellness retreat.

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Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat
Wildfitness: Costa Rica Retreat


In this 7-day wellness retreat, you will be staying at the bungalows of Las Veulas Blancas, which includes a pool, hammocks, and an open roofed patio, leaving plenty of room for solitude and social time.

Just across the estuary is the vibrant surf town of Tamarindo, the area is teeming with life, from manta rays and sea turtles, to monkeys and sloths. The pacific surf provides the perfect backdrop to this tranquil Costa Rican retreat. In addition to your Wildfitness experience, prepare yourself for further adventures unique to this stunning location.

You will be explore the estuary ecosystem by boat and view wildlife including crocodiles.  Local experts will deliver surfing lessons in the warm pacific waters.  And Wildfitness coaches will guide you on a hike through Rincon de la Vieja national park, where you'll view volcanoes, waterfalls and relax in natural hot springs and mud baths.

Your experience concludes with a night on the town to sample the culture and cuisine of Tamarindo, before returning to Playa Grande for a bonfire on the beach.

The food Wildfitness serves in Costa Rica is sourced organically and is true to the environment of this coastal jungle paradise. Fresh fish and seafood is sourced directly from local fishermen every morning, and used to create delicious dishes, from roasted shellfish to fresh ceviche.

The abundant fruits and coconuts are harvested directly from the trees around us. Prepare to sample the rich culinary history of Costa Rica, and to learn hands on from our chef how to bring the experience of Wildfitness Costa Rica back to your own kitchen.

As always, Wildfitness offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Dates: February 24th-March 3rd 2018 and  March 3rd-9th 2018

7 Nights | $2,685 Shared | $3,500 Single



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Playa Grande is a wide, gorgeous beach, famous among conservationists and surfers alike. By day, offshore winds create steep and powerful waves. By night, an ancient cycle continues, as leatherback sea turtles bearing clutches of eggs follow the ocean currents back to their birthplace. The beach stretches from the Tamarindo estuary, around a dome rock – with tide pools and superb surf fishing – and on to equally grand Playa Ventanas.

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While with Wildfitness in Costa Rica you can expect:

- A complimentary massage

- Full accommodation

- Airport pickup and transportation

- Exciting, immersive eco-adventures and tours

- An evening out to experience the local culture and cuisine

-  Plenty of you-time, for beach walks, swims, and relaxation

-  Cooking workshops

-  Fresh, healthy meals, prepared in-house daily

- Locally sourced, natural and chemical free ingredients

- Expert international coaches

- Breathing, mindfulness, and yoga techniques

- Daily mobility and yoga sessions

About this brand

Wildfitness runs transformative physical courses in wild, stunning locations globally. Their aim is to reconnect you to a primal, physical state of deep health and wellbeing. Wildfitness has developed an authentic, effective and consistent philosophy over 15 years and continues to discover and implement paradigm-shifting knowledge, so that clients are always nurtured and ahead of their game.

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