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Single Malt Islay Cask Matured 2 Years (73%)


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Vintage Ecuadorian dark chocolate aged for two years in a Laphroaig Scotch Whisky cask, one of the most peaty and iconic single malt whiskies from the storied island of Islay.

Harvest and tasting notes:

Through a stroke of luck, To'ak were fortunate to source a barrel from one of their all-time favorite distilleries--Laphroaig. With 200 years of history on Islay, Laphroaig is famous among whisky connoisseurs for being on the far edge of the peaty spectrum and is celebrated for its highly distinctive flavor.

To’ak’s Single Malt Islay Cask Matured edition is unmistakably, yet delicately, infused with the peat and smoke of an Islay single malt. Hints of kelp and sea water from the whisky, stored within the barrel, help balance the moderate acidity of their Ecuadorian cacao. The caramel and fruit notes of the chocolate come through on the other side, imbued with a savory breath of fresh air that is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before, anywhere. Most importantly, all of these seemingly contradictory sensations have managed to work together. More than simply producing an interesting and unorthodox dark chocolate, the result of this union is unexpectedly seductive.

Technical details:

Origin : Piedra de Plata, Ecuador

Variety : Nacional

Cacao Percentage : 73%

Harvest : Feb - Mar 2015

Fermentation : 4 days in Spanish Elm wood

Roast : Moderate

Recipe : cacao mass & cane sugar

Certifications : USDA Organic & Fair Trade TSA

Conch : 23.5 hours

Aging: Single Malt Islay Cask - 2 Years


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About this brand

In ancient times, chocolate was considered sacred and noble. Then in the industrial era it was commodified and mass-produced. To’ak is working to restore chocolate to its former grandeur and push its boundaries to new horizons. Its mission is to transform the way the world experiences dark chocolate, elevating its making and tasting onto the level of vintage wine and aged whisky.