Ready to Wear Bracelet

Ready to Wear Bracelet


Wearing Memories is a jewellery label owned and designed by champagne enthusiast Kiron Barui. The jewellery houses the caps from champagne bottles, which are interchangeable so you can wear the memory of your special event again and again.

After launching her jewellery house at London Fashion Week in 2014 on the runway, Kiron Barui presented her new range, Decadent Moments, at an exclusive interactive exhibition with Fashion International in 2015. The collection uses the decadent era of the 1920’s as its inspiration, a time when people loved life following the tragedy of the First World War, having seen the worst of humanity the 1920’s was an era that celebrated the wonder of being alive and enjoying and experiencing all life had to offer, including champagne!

Showing Kiron’s amazing philanthropist side the collection included butterfly pieces that were designed around the Cancer charity work Kiron does back in her home country of Australia.

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