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To’ak Chocolate

In ancient times, chocolate was considered sacred and noble. To’ak’s mission is to restore the chocolate heritage to its former grandeur by elevating its making and tasting onto the level of vintage wine and aged whisky. The chocolate brand uses extremely rare Ecuadorian Nacional cacao pods with a lineage that can be traced to the earliest known cacao trees domesticated by humanity.

Linked by a passion for rainforest conservation and sustainable agriculture, Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer set on a journey to find the rare and exclusive strain of genetically pure cacao which led them deep in the low-lying mountains in the remote valley of Piedra de Pata, where only a handful of Nacional Arriba cacao trees remained. The village was so isolated that the trees had not succumbed to the witch’s broom disease that swept through Ecuador’s cacao in 1916.

To’ak Chocolate premium price is not only based on the finest quality of the product, but also on the meticulous attention that goes into the production process. Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer work with fourteen farmers of Piedra de Plata headed by Elio Cantos, whose great grandfather planted some of the centenarian trees. Unlike genetically modified cacao chocolate, To’ak Chocolate’s ingredient list is limited to the pure heirloom cacao and organic brown sugar. After six or seven days of fermentation, the carefully selected beans are roasted, shelled and ground. Every batch is unique, each production being influenced by the year’s growing conditions.

To’ak is a terroir-driven, Ecuadorian tree-to-bar product that will offer to connoisseurs an opportunity of enjoying the grandeur of ancient dark chocolate. Presented in a box made of Spanish elm – the same wood in which the cacao beans are fermented – the 50-gram To’ak chocolate bar comes with proprietary tasting utensils and a booklet featuring its provenance story and a guide to dark chocolate tasting. Each box is hand wrapped, numbered and printed with the harvest year. To’ak also offers an organic drinking chocolate that makes the finest and rarest heirloom cacao variety in the world accessible for everyone to taste. It is a versatile product that will undoubtedly delight everyone’s taste buds.


To’Ak Chocolate has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

Want to learn more? Click on the interactive Butterfly Mark on your left and scroll through each Positive Action to read a short description of the brands efforts and achievements as verified by Positive Luxury. You will also be able to find the interactive Butterfly Mark online on the brands website, retailer and partner sites.

Impact and Commitment


Social impact – Fair wage

To’ak works hand-in-hand with a small group of cacao growers in Piedra de Plata and pays them the highest price per pound in Ecuador. The company is a signatory to Fair Trade Organisation Mark.

Social impact – Local production

The chocolate products are entirely made in Ecuador.

Environmental impact – Recyclable packaging

Ninety-five percent of the packaging is made of paper and timber.


Environmental Impact – Rainforest conservation

All wood used in To’ak’s packaging is personally replenished through the planting of native hardwood trees by the entire To’ak team in partnership with the Ecuador-based rainforest conservation foundation Third Millennium Alliance. To’ak also donates 1% of its sales to Third Millennium Alliance as part of the global philanthropy movement 1% for the Planet.

Innovation – Nacional cacao protection

To’ak and Third Millennium Alliance are working with local farmers, conservationists, and multiple universities to protect biodiversity in Ecuador and nurse back the world’s oldest and rarest variety of cacao from the brink of extinction.

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