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Thread Tales

Thread Tales go beyond the point of creating stunning design. The ambition is to achieve this without compromise on sustainable principles, from sourcing exceptional quality sustainable fabrics, ensuring a liveable wage and good working conditions through working directly with suppliers, to beautiful environmentally sound packaging.

Thread Tales is founded on the story of an inspirational Midwife-mum. Whilst working for a charity in remote areas in Myanmar to reduce maternal and baby mortality, she discovered possibly the most sustainable fabric in the world. Woven by Artisans from the stems of Lotus flowers and produced from a renewable source, without energy or chemicals, Lotus fabric is raw, soft and water resistant. The Lotus plant represents spiritual growth, portrayed by the flowers rising up out of the muddy waters of the Inle Lake. This story inspired her daughter Katherine to found Thread Tales with Lotus as the signature fabric.

This story shaped Thread Tales from the outset with strong ethical and environmental principles. Thread Tales was inspired by the experience of travel, discovering more rare, beautiful, sustainably produced fabrics, such as Yak and Camel, hand-woven by Artisans from around the world, and the journey of how to support them both creatively and ethically. They tick as many boxes as they can and are working hard to improve sustainable practices in fashion. Unique design, exceptional quality; Thread Tales philosophy is “Wear Something That Means Something”. Designer Katherine Maunders designs are beautifully individual, hand-woven and hand-embroidered by Artisans.


Thread Tales has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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Thread Tales now produce many of their designs in Nepal in partnership with an inspiring Italian woman who, after working on micro enterprise projects for woman in Kathmandu, decided to stay and set up a private workshop to support the Artisans. She offers great career opportunities with good working conditions and above average wages. They have benefits such as overtime and sick pay. Thread Tales ship Lotus to the workshop in Nepal to be woven with gorgeous silk and cashmere and use other luxury yarns such as super-soft merino, all sourced sustainably. Their cashmere is grade A and the Merino is Museling-free. The workshop strives to adhere to sustainable principles and uses practices that are as environmentally sound as possible.  There is a grey wastewater filtration system, leaving the water clean enough for irrigation. Solar panels are used to generate electricity and all dyes used are eco friendly. The workshop has an ethos of pride and partnership.

With their Italian partners exquisite Italian eye for detail, great ethos and the incredible skills of the weavers, Thread Tales are able to produce pieces of exceptional quality.


Thread Tales blend combinations of unusual yarns to create fabrics that are totally unique, found no-where else in the world. The drive to create product that is totally individual and pioneering lead Katherine Maunder, Creative Director and Designer at Thread Tales, to experiment with different mixes using Lotus and eventually settled on a beautifully soft yet resilient weave of Lotus and Cashmere. Having developed this phase of the design, she then travelled to work directly with a family-run embroidery company in Kashmir to translate the designs for her collections onto the new scarves. Their exquisite work takes days to produce and is so skilled; it is commissioned by museums worldwide.

By employing the skills of Artisans in different remote communities Thread Tales have been able to connect communities of Artisans through their skills of production of yarn, hand weaving and embroidery in a shared enterprise.


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