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Oskia was founded by Georgie Cleeve, an ex food and wine editor at House & Garden magazine and skincare therapist. After reading and reviewing many organic types of food and drink at H&G, she started to feel frustrated at not being able to find a cosmetic brand that didn’t loosely use the term ‘natural'. So she began to do her own research into creating her own brand.

A starting point for Georgie was MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), a naturally occurring sulphur compound found in all living organisms. Its effects are highly beneficial in aiding cell repair, improving joint health, making hair and nails stronger and more. After using MSM supplements to improve her own joint health, she soon realised the drastic improvement to the condition of her skin. This revelation led to several years of intense research and development of formulas with cosmetic chemist, Dr Colette Haydon. Her husband, George Gordon, joined Georgie and the company in 2009.

The end result was a high-performance and nutritionally beneficial formula created specifically to enhance your skin. Minerals, vitamins, glucides, proteins, amino acids and omegas were the building blocks of these formulas, all of which are vital to healthy cell function.

The award-winning skincare formula contains 98% natural or nature-identical ingredients. The other 2% of ingredients are all Eco Certified and Soil Association approved preservatives, ensuring no skin or environmental harming chemicals are used.
Oskia also goes that extra mile to ensure their customers are up-to-date with the most greenest of knowledge: chef Tomasina Miers posts weekly recipes to improve the health of your diet; Oskia recommends other health benefitting companies; and a continually updated glossary of natural and synthetic ingredients used in cosmetics. All of this information is free-of-charge, and is purely for the benefit of the customer in the hope that they can teach themselves to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Oskia has won many prestigious awards, including: the Sunday Time Style Beauty Awards 2010 for Best New Brand; Tatler Beauty Awards 2012 for Best Facial Exfoliator; Organic Talk USA Beauty Awards for Best Natural Skincare Brand 2011; Best British Brand at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2012; and Best Skincare Product, Luxury at the UK Beauty Awards 2011.

Oskia Skin Care
Oskia Skin Care

This brand ensures their suppliers have policies preventing forced and/or child labour


Does not use parabens in their formulations


Does not test products or ingredients on animals

Oskia Skin Care
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