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Award-winning MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery offers avant-garde philosophy combined with cutting-edge designs and handcrafted ornate creations. Opening new frontiers in fine jewellery, the brand celebrates the individuality and underscores femininity of the on-the-go sophisticated 21st-century woman.

The design philosophy seeks to enhance the hectic lifestyle of today’s modern women with elegantly minimalist and versatile pieces, empowering them to make statements of differentiation and style. The brand’s multi award-winning work is suggestive of an architectural discipline playing with minimalism, space and movement until the clean geometric lines and the dynamic curvatures are refined into powerful constructions.

MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery is a London based brand and renowned for its innovative approach to design. Epitomising the brand’s philosophy and approach is the award-winning Transformers Collection a series of multi-functional, unique pieces with different capabilities e.g. rings transforming from single to double finger and into pendants. It is jewellery that is flexible, moveable and playful, which can be worn in many different ways. A pendant can become a ring, for example, or turn inside out.

Jewellery with a conscience, it is the brand’s mission is to encourage its customers to buy better and to have an awareness of responsible jewellery production. Through the use of ethically sourced materials to having a¬†positive social and environmental impact.

MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery is committed to promoting responsible social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner, hoping to play a part in changing the jewellery industry for the better.

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