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Maya Eco

Maya Eco produces sustainable pieces that are functional, versatile and practical. Each design is made from conscious textiles that support a local skilled community.

Maya Eco was co-founded in 2016 by two women, Yasmine and Muneera, who combined their entrepreneurial and philanthropic backgrounds. Their brand creates sustainable pieces, made from eco-friendly and natural textiles that are consciously timeless in design.

Slow production is a core pillar of Maya Eco. Every collection is a considered and carefully measured process, built on sustainability. They work in reverse, sourcing all their fabrics before designing collections, and designing every piece to last through the seasons. As the brand continues to grow, they pledge to maintain this practice.

Maya Eco works closely with the local artisans in Egypt, championing their local skills. Since their first launch they have stayed dedicated to supporting the same locally owned factory in Egypt in order to sustain the lives of the local people and provide them with job opportunities.

From giving back to local communities to consciously designing all garments, Maya Eco promotes a fairer future, by supporting those that work within their supply chain.



Maya Eco has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment


Conscious Design and packaging

Maya Eco consciously designs all garments, with thoughts of the piece’s lifespan at the front of their mind. The brand is founded on principles of slow fashion and takes 120 days for a collection to be launched, from the concept to creation. Maya Eco combines seasonless fashion trends with considered, natural fabrics to provide good quality and wearability.

Maya Eco understands the impact of shipping, whether that’s to and from factories or to customers. They are committed to ensuring all packaging is as low-impact as possible and is designed to be fully recyclable. Their consumer packaging is made from FSC certified paper, highlighting their commitment to forest conservation and is free from plastics.

Maya Eco continues to look for even more sustainable packaging options to further reduce their environmental footprint in this area.

Business Ethics, Gender Equality and Fair Pay

Maya Eco works with reputable suppliers who are all signatory to their Code of Conduct which covers aspects such as Human Rights, Ethics and Equal Opportunities, and Diversity. They also have a full-time employee who visits the factory in Egypt weekly, ensuring laws are being adhered to and any issues that occur are dealt with accordingly.

Maya Eco is a female founded and led brand, passionate about gender equality and providing fair pay for all across their supply chain. They are dedicated to making sure everyone who works across their operations in Egypt or Kuwait are fairly paid.

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Community Investment and Philanthropy

Maya Eco is dedicated to giving back and being a responsible business that invests in the people working in their supply chains. In Egypt, Maya Eco provides training opportunities for the artisans that make their collections so they can gain the necessary technical skills that are key to garment manufacture. In addition, they are planning on giving back to the local community in Egypt through setting up art workshops in the region for the local artisans and their families.

In the last year Maya Eco has worked with a variety of charities to support and give back to the community, like Trashtag, an NGO and international social media challenge that encourages individuals to pick up litter and challenges them to share a before and after picture, tagging it with #trashtag.

Reducing Waste and Upcycling Textiles

Maya Eco is actively striving to reduce waste across their operations. They aim to reduce the number of samples they provide per collection and are dedicated to finding smarter manufacturing methods to reduce wastage and make their production run smoother.

Maya Eco has adopted a circular economy approach to part of their business so far and aims to close the loop completely. They make sure they reuse everything they make, with any leftover fabric being repurposed into tote bags and scrunchies. Upcycling waste material reduces the amount of fabric being thrown away and consequently ending up in landfill.

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