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La Fervance

LA FERVANCE – inspired by old French for ‘fervor’, speaks to the intense passion behind every aspect of this high-end, results-driven beauty brand. An exquisite marriage of French and Australian ingredients of certified, 100% natural, sustainable origins, their Fusionistique Skincare products are the first and only of their kind.

LA FERVANCE is the culmination of a transatlantic journey of faith, passion and perseverance to create a remarkable beauty experience. Inspired by the Napoleonic expedition of the early 19th century which brought to France thousands of flora and fauna species collected from Australia, the LA FERVANCE story begins with founder, Australian-born Melissa Obeid’s love affair with both her birth country and that which she and her family now call home.

It started in the 90s when she studied at The Paris Fashion Institute and went on to work with the biggest names in fashion, before returning to Australia where she developed her career in fashion, advertising, for the National Gallery of Victoria and then her family’s business.

Something inside her sparked whilst creating nationwide skincare products of natural origins, noticing a void in the luxury skincare market for products which were not only high-end, but 100% natural and truly sustainable. Melissa was moved by her intuition to fill this void and so, guided by her connection with both Australia and France, the concept for LA FERVANCE was born.

It wasn’t long before Melissa, along with her family, instinctively returned to France in 2016 – the global leader in prestige cosmetics – to embark on over three years of research, development and testing to create the most sublimely perfect, yet sustainable beauty line possible.

On 29 November 2019, LA FERVANCE launched its signature product, ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE – TransformActive Multi-mask. Packed with innovative, clinically-proven and traceable ingredients including ‘conflict free’ 23K gold from Italy, this multi-functional skincare product is complemented by a heavenly, bespoke fragrance, custom-made in close collaboration with LAFERVANCE in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse.

Designed as an instant glow, preventative and treatment solution ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE is a high-performance beauty balm with effective concentrations of actives like hyaluronic acid from 100% pure HA sources, a bio-active complex of Australian plant extracts, mimosa and jojoba extracts, Kakadu plum extract and 23K gold. Along with pearly pigments and pure seawater from the French Breton coastlines, these traceable ingredients come together to create a highly sophisticated, innovative formula which will add an instant glow, while the actives nourish, tone, lift, plump and smooth the skin.

With this product and those to follow, LA FERVANCE is a frontrunner in the clean beauty movement.



La Fervance has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Made in France, LA FERVANCE abides by European laws that govern health and safety and work closely with their suppliers to ensure they do as well. As such, many of their suppliers have won multiple awards for corporate responsibility, sustainability, welfare and innovation. As LA FERVANCE is a female-led business, they have an equal pay policy, and gender equality is an integral part of their company ethos.


LA FERVANCE uses European made glass packaging wherever possible and is deeply committed to reducing the amount of plastic found in waterways. They intend to work with companies which remove plastic from the oceans and are also committed to preserving forests and halting land degradation and biodiversity loss. The use of French and European made packaging and many key ingredients minimizes the impact of transporting goods to their production facilities in France.


The ingredients in every LA FERVANCE product are traceable and of 100% natural origins, and all ingredients are sustainably-sourced and COSMOS-certified. All of their products are free from propylene glycol and micro beads, and they do not use any harsh chemicals. They are also microplastic-free, and their organic ingredients are certified by Ecocert. All of their ingredients are traceable and they offer their community the opportunity to understand where each ingredient comes from and what its purpose is.


All of LA FERVANCE packaging is 100% recyclable and COSMOS-certified, using glass primary packaging and FSC-accredited, fine Italian made papers for their cartons. All of the glass used in their product packaging is recyclable and they are investigating a refill program This would enable consumers to purchase product refills for their existing jars and bottles instead of purchasing replacement products in brand new packaging.


Along with their own commitments to protecting the environment, LA FERVANCE does and will continue to work only with suppliers who operate in a sustainable and environmentally safe way. They have developed water-free products which will be released in 2020 and continue to encourage this type of innovation, both within their own company and with their suppliers.
They are working to reduce waste across their business model and minimise their water usage, too. All of the employees throughout their supply chain are educated on these policies via a video tutorial.

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