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Iota Project

IOTA, first and foremost, is a social business, with a commitment to the wellbeing of both the planet and communities they call home. They empower the underemployed through skill building, and help nurture and preserve traditional techniques.

Established in 2014, IOTA handcrafts luxury furniture and accessories. From colourful rugs to intricate poufs to whimsical swings, each of their pieces is carefully made from their exclusive selection of yarns and knitted using a traditional, 200-year-old technique.

The techniques used to produce each IOTA piece are meticulously taught to the women who carry them out, providing them with a marketable skill while preserving tradition. Empowerment is a huge part of IOTA’s mission, and it allows them to make a lasting impression in the communities they operate in.

In addition to that empowerment, IOTA works within a circular ecosystem, producing their own yarn from high-quality cotton and polyester in the same geographic region where it is knitted into their one-of-a-kind pieces. They are committed to protecting the environment through waste reduction and producing beautiful items that will last for generations.

IOTA also believes that both the craftspeople and the consumers who enjoy the pieces they produce should feel rewarded when they interact with those pieces. The women who knit each item are rewarded through skill development and fair wages, while the consumers who proudly display them in their homes are rewarded with a unique, ethically-made item that they can enjoy for years.

Telling stories through their designs, IOTA aims to produce pieces that showcase the craftsmanship that brings them to life.



Iota Project has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



Iota’s most important mission is to be a socially-conscious business, and that’s why they provide training and mentoring for women in the community. They give opportunities to people who would otherwise remain unemployed, and invest in those people, with the majority of their profits going back to the educational programs. To better support these programs, Iota works with Sector 7 and Bebemoss, social businesses that share their values.

Iota also has a close relationship with a philanthropic voluntary association called Lamerhav. That charity focuses on bettering the lives of young Israeli people who haven’t been able to realise their full potential.


Not only does Iota keep traditional knitting techniques alive, but they produce long-lasting items that will be treasured for generations. The yarns and materials are produced in the same regions where their knitters work to maintain that circular ecosystem and keep it as efficient as possible. The work each knitter does is brought directly to her house once a week if they are unable to leave their home.

Iota is working towards creating a system of production where each knitter only works with materials sourced in their home country. Right now, the yarn used is produced in the country where their knitters are, but they are also working on sourcing organic cotton and natural dyes. The cotton Iota currently uses is Oeko-Tex1. Iota also works very closely with each factory involved in their production, visiting them on a monthly basis and getting to know the owners of those family-run businesses.




Thanks to the fact that the majority of Iota products are made with yarn, there is little to no waste through their production. If a mistake is made, the yarn is unravelled and the knitter can reuse it, while the remaining yarn from each product is kept and used for other products. There is also no PVC used in their products, and the packaging is 100 percent recyclable.


Iota has very close relationships with all of the women who work for them, visiting them once a week and paying them a salary that is above the minimum wage. If any of their knitters decide they no longer want to work for Iota, that is completely up to them. Again, Iota’s mission is to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and that starts with how they take care of the women who produce their products. They want to empower women and girls in the communities they operate in, and that includes properly compensating them and ensuring they have fair working conditions.

The factories that Iota does business with are all family-owned, and when they begin a working contract with them, they must sign a contract that ensures they are adhering to the same social policies that are so important to Iota. This keeps their entire business in line with the brand’s ethos.

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