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Humanity and our planet are facing historic challenges and CEOs around the world recognize it. From the climate crisis to widening inequality, we read the news and in between the lines. Governments cannot reverse the trajectory in time. Youth movements and civil society are mobilizing but cannot change the system.Business is either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Almost every CEO has their company engaging in CSR. Many are spread thin between well-meaning initiatives, associations, conferences. But the math doesn’t add up. Often as powerful as nation-states, corporations have an enormous responsibility to drive transformative change. We need scale at speed. What is needed now are courageous business leaders taking action.
IMAGINE is a new type of business collaboration for systems change. We work with CEOs who are building their companies into beacons of sustainable business and leveraging their collective power to drive change on tipping points in their industry – from greenhouse gas emissions to labour standards to biodiversity. IMAGINE works with CEOs and global leadership teams to shift mindsets and redefine business models, putting purpose at the heart for superior performance. Through immersive journeys and connectivity to the wider ecosystem, we help companies realize their part of the Global Goals while creating value for all their stakeholders.

IMAGINE is led by Paul Polman (Chair), Valerie Keller (founding CEO), Jeff Seabright and Kees Kruythoff – who teamed up through the Unilever journey, the work of EY Beacon Institute, and a shared dream for business serving humanity. IMAGINE empowers collectives of CEOs in key sectors to take bold stands on hard issues such as climate, plastics, and human rights, mobilising the private sector to shoulder collective responsibility with a renewed sense of urgency.

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