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I AM WATER Ocean Travel offers intimate wildlife encounters with the ocean’s most majestic creatures from dolphins to seals, humpback whales and manta rays to hammerhead and whale sharks to name a few. Their team consists of world class freedivers and marine experts who will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the ocean – mind, body and spirit.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel, at its core, is an ocean conservation organisation. Not only do they adhere to the highest standards of responsible marine mega-fauna interaction, but through I AM WATER Ocean Travel, funds are generated to support the projects of their Ocean Conservation Foundation.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel want their trips to mean something positive in the long run for their customers, the animals they encounter and the people they meet and work with. Moreover, I AM WATER Ocean Travel want their impact to go even further – they want your visit to mean something to those who do not have the privilege and otherwise would never have the opportunity to gain such transformative ocean experiences.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel’s primary mission is to generate funds to support the outreach work of I AM WATER Ocean Conservation where they work with underprivileged kids from coastal communities around the world.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel yearn for salty sea days and the stillness of the deep ocean, and they’re passionate about sharing that with others. However, they want to make sure that – while picking out the most awesome experiences that this big blue planet has to offer – their presence has the lightest of footprints on the ecosystems they visit.


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I AM WATER Ocean Travel is passionate about being proactive when it comes to respecting and protecting the creatures of the sea. Thus, when they’re on a trip, the animal’s well-being is their top priority at any time. Should they get the impression that their presence (in and out of water) stresses or disturbs the animal, they will distance ourselves instantly even if this might limit our interaction.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel believe in transformative ocean experiences: facilitating inspirational, educational animal encounters that will empower you to go home and effect change in your lives and communities.

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